SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files

The coin is very similar in use to the SafeAppStore Coin, representing voting rights and SafeCoin profit sharing. The main difference is it is made to be listed on exchanges.

This and much more will be released in the Specifications document very soon

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Give yourself some credit man. You’ve been working on this project for awhile now and what with a link back to the previous app site have work to show for it. If nothing else you could put a bit of your own bio on there about previous projects like your work with the app site and currating all the apps on through other things you have done and combine that with a bit about yourself and a general mission statement for this project. People visiting the site will be interested in the Why as much as the What or the How. Why, motive, belief system, philosophy. That’s one of the important things to put on your about us page. Why are you doing all this. What is the belief system/philosophy that is bringing you, your team and your customers/investors/users together?


Great to hear and great to see you’ve been working hard on this.

So this is inextricably linked to SAFE and there’s zero possibility of it ever being decoupled from the maid-train? I suspect I know the answer to that question given your unwavering support for the project so far, but given what happened with SAFEX becoming EXSAFE it seems sensible to double-check ;).

Look forward to seeing the last bits come together and who else might be involved in the ‘team’.


:smiley: Not to worry there! I bleed blue and white :smiley: I’ll make it very clear and official. The following is a legally binding statement: “SAFE-FS and SafeAppStore are both applications for the SAFE Network exclusively, for the entire duration of their existence, and their primary function is and always will be to run on the SAFE Network for SafeCoin rewards.”

Feel free to copy / screenshot / anything you need to on that :slight_smile: I haven’t able to stop thinking or talking or working with SAFE ever since I was first introduced to the idea, and none of my projects will ever switch over to anything less than SAFE because of the extremely clear and powerful vision + people behind it :slight_smile:


Have there been other crowdsales run by @whiteoutmashups ?

More of a flash sale :grin: with a very modest amount sought.


Well that’s an attitude and level of commitment I think I can invest in. :grin: As long as we’re on the same page and this is about the big picture (SAFE changing the world), not ‘just’ a distributed file sharing app. I’m with you brother, you can’t count me in for some coin :triumph:


How will your new project (SAFE-FS) compare to your original project (SafeAppStore)?

Will you be working on both projects simultaneously?

What is the status of SafeAppStore? What has been accomplished?

Were coins/tokens/etc issued after the SafeAppStore crowdsale?

On what platform will SAFE-FS tokens be issued and when do you anticipate that token issuance to take place?


It’s a different project.

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And that money is for the SafeAppStore only.

It is being held until the SAFE Network is more complete, and we are able to finish the deeper levels of the App Store with the SAFE APIs.

This sale is for a completely separate application

They are very different types applications. One is a distributed filesystem and the other is an App Store. You can read about SafeAppStore at

Yes, with different teams of developers. Laid out in this post here

Yes sir please check our updates. Here are a few links: “More info & updates,” “Several Additional Updates,” “Progress on Deliverables,” and there’s more available at

Yes and you can follow how that occurred and how they were distributed on this thread and others on

We are looking to create SAFE-FS Coin is another Omni layer asset, just as SafeAppStore Coin was, and it will represent voting rights and SafeCoin profit sharing, just like SafeAppStore Coin does.

And hopefully distribution will take no longer than 2-3 weeks following the sale, depending on how many addresses and transactions it will require

Google have shown themselves to be infinitely extensible, and I see a parallel between on the one hand Google and Google Shopping/Froogle, and on the other, SAFE-FS and SafeAppStore. In other words, there’s no reason why SAFE-FS can’t be a feeder funnel for SafeAppStore.


Hit the nail on the head there,

An App that is for sale or free will be just another type of public data listed in the results, and we have been thinking of adding a small logo design at the bottom corner of its search result that would link to its listing on the SafeAppStore.

Would be very doable, but trying to decide if that type of self-promotion would be too much :stuck_out_tongue:

…I do think we’ll end up doing it though :slight_smile: the logo could be a modest size


There have been some uploads to the mockup and several have been approved, but others were offensive and not allowed to appear.

Please, if you’re uploading images to the mockup, don’t include any vulgar language or adult content.

Although once SAFE-FS is on SAFE, the privacy and security will mean it’s unable to be moderated, so these rules are only for the current, clearnet mockup mockup.

Haha that’s a good one! I think he’ll come around though, at least I hope so. Great looking project @whiteoutmashups!


The browse button is still not working for me.

Can you try to help me recreate the problem? I’ve tried on desktop Firefox and mobile repeatedly and can’t find any problems still

Also, people are uploading files and nobody else has reported this. Could it be one of your settings perhaps?

Yes, I believe so too. Last time I spoke to Daniel (January?) he said he was simply looking for other ways to offer SAFEx for the meantime. I didn’t get the feeling a permanent switch was happening.

He seemed very anxious for the APIs in March and I think he must have felt let down at the delays, and tried to find solutions for the meantime. We are all just ready to get going with our Apps :slight_smile: But I definitely am glad SAFE is progressing cautiously and at the pace it needs to, so things like DAO don’t happen :slight_smile:

I do hope he comes around, and I do expect it