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Guess not. Sorry for my misinformation :frowning:


Those are very nice Will. I look forward to seeing these in action :slight_smile:


#Jakarta @SAFE-FS #RonaldHariyanto


For anyone wanting to follow our technical development, you can follow:

This open source repo

Which is a custom JS wrapper called BabySAFE that we are developing to make the MaidSafe APIs much more approachable. The end result will be simple JS buttons you can just paste on your website to authenticate, post data, send messages, create folders, etc.

Ronald posts his refactoring and new code there at the end of every work day, so anyone can follow along and test the code against alpha 2 at any point, which is very simple to do. Just upload the index.html file by itself to alpha 2 and click the buttons it gives you in the browser.

After BabySAFE is finished and the code is very clean, we are using this in the Alpha 2 web version of SAFE-FS, which we hope to have v1 of released in the next few weeks. Thanks! Follow us there.

ADD: Direct link to SAFE-FS daily commits


Accidental footage from the SAFE-FS office in Puchong, Malaysia :stuck_out_tongue:

Working with @vjbollavarapu of the SAFE-FS Backend team


Sneak preview for our dedicated followers :slight_smile:


SAFE-FS running on Alpha 2

Refactors and new versions coming momentarily


Not working for me at the moment, Win 10, Browser 0.7.0


Yes, looks like there was an API update today?

So we are updating ours as well, quite soon.

This was just our Alpha 2 v0. for you all to preview :slight_smile:


SAFE-FS is hosting the first MaidSafe Malaysia Meetup at its downtown office in Kuala Lumpur, this Sunday 10am. Join our Meetup group to show support! :slight_smile: Thanks

I’ll definitely provide video recordings. Will use 2 computers this time, so we have a backup :slight_smile: learned that lesson at the SF SAFE Pod Meetup!


Video recording!!! :scream: I need some better looking clothing.


I have been mentoring a group working on a SAFE Marketplace store type of app, as a internship-like project for their University. While helping them, I was asked to help in a video by the nearby art school, Alfa University Malaysia.

This is the result, if anyone is interested :slight_smile: Not really SAFE-FS related, but if anyone wants to see more of me or Malaysia then feel free haha :+1:


360 @SAFE-FS KL tomorrow

Don’t miss it :smiley: will also have a 2D hangouts to join live


More test exercises from a new graphic designer at SAFE-FS

Rights of course given out freely for anyone to use for anything, except to the extent that MaidSafe owns the designs. But just in terms of our work, all rights are released :slight_smile:


Can I suggest a couple of changes to the S symbol to make it more pleasing to look at



Thanks for joining!

Had 8 people here:

and 16 more here, I think: Google H. SAFE-FS KL

Also have a 360 camera so you can see everything in VR after the event! :smiley: Will upload tonight


Very successful first event.

Lots of footage, will edit and upload.

Mostly got to know each other, and laying out plans for what we can do for marketing for MaidSafe and SAFE Net tech. Very excited for the group and efforts here. Hosting another Jan 13th!


Looking forward to that! :blush::hugs:


Not finished with the video footage, 360 taking a few days :stuck_out_tongue: but here’s something new from our designers :slight_smile:


WOW looks awesome :scream:


Guys can we get the MaidSafe Malaysia Meetup added to that please?