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Thanks very much! Looks like KL until January at least, for now. Working hard to get the office together asap so we’re ready for alpha 2! Thanks for the support, you’re welcome to visit once we’re operational!

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Business cards


Definately! :slight_smile: :+1:

#291 Website Updates

Updated all pages of our website to fit most current situation. Most notable updates:

Will update when new information becomes available :slight_smile:


First in-office job interview for SAFE-FS :slight_smile:

First of many candidates. Let’s see!



First deliverable from one of our new hires,

Step towards revamping our website :slight_smile:


Office team building meal, KL

SAFE-FS interview #5

Going well, front end designer. Making the new safe-fs website that will be up soon.


Nice ‘T’ man.

Thanks for sharing the photos and keeping us updated. Can’t wait to play :slight_smile:


Beautiful! Very impressive! :slight_smile:


Looks like a happy people developing some great future stuff & services out there :slight_smile:
Keep up the good works.

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Been a busy day, looked at 6 office spaces for SAFE-FS and found a great one downtown in KL that suits our needs perfectly.

We had been working in a shared space in the suburbs, but needed much more. This new office is perfect, all amenities, a large private office room with four desks for us, and lots of shared start-ups around, with a large event hall for downtown KL SAFE Pod Meetups for everyone.

There are even lots of blockchain startups in this building, and they just had a large blockchain event three days ago. Several people have heard of MaidSafe (!!!) and they gave me a 5% discount because one person knew of me and SAFE-FS :smiley:

You may have seen our newest employee @vjbollavarapu posting on the forum, and he is making meaningful contributions to the Alpha 2 version of SAFE-FS. Our front-end designer has finished a new version of our website, but we are saving that for when we release some future announcements :slight_smile: (secret)!

We are continuing to hire, and hopefully are able to find 1-2 more talented team members soon. Have been working with many agencies and learning that it is definitely all a big process, but rest assured a milion hours are going into all this every week :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, I have continued networking for SAFE-FS and the MaidSafe KL Pod, and have had the pleasure of being reached out to by local SAFErs here in Malaysia such as @harvindar and Jun, who have introduced me to their 20 person WhatsApp SAFE group. So hopefully my monthly presentations will continue soon, now that we have an audience. Yay Malaysia! Yay MaidSafe! :ok_hand: Here’s a pic of us:


Pleasure to finally meet someone who knows David and Nick. We are looking forward to great things from maidsafe in the future. :blush::+1:t2:


OP updated

To give a more current and overall intro to the SAFE-FS company. Thanks for helping post the new version @frabrunelle


Just completed the first full day of work at the SAFE-FS office here in Jakarta :slight_smile: two great guys on full time training contracts right now, Edwin and Robert. Doing great :wink: had about 15 more interviews but might call them off.

We will take some selfies of our team fit for you all tomorrow, doing a company dinner after work then.

Also planning the MaidSafe Jakarta Pod with Eddie from the Jakarta MaidSafe event. He’s a great guy, very intelligent and massively into MaidSafe from the heart as well. Been having great talks this weekend and he’s very well connected over here.

Glad everything’s finally falling into place. Been running around the world and finally looks like I found the best spot for what SAFE-FS needs to succeed.

Be on the lookout for all kinds of releases soon :wink:


Well done Will. I look forward to the team photo and further updates on your (ad)venture! :slight_smile:


There’s the image I promised :slight_smile: day two at the new SAFE-FS office completed. me, Edwin and Ronald. Edwin ended up having to leave us so we’re continuing interviews (one scheduled for tomorrow already) this and next week.

Things going well, step by step getting things going. Excited to have a graphic designer soon and a front-end designer, with Ronald doing great learning the backend code for SAFE. Starting a company isn’t easy at all, many many layers to it, but I’d do anything to get SAFE going and have been feeling like I’ve grown so much in these past few years from all the experiences with the community and tech scenes. Having learned much of the code myself makes hiring and training new people quite manageable, but not without its challenges at times.

Lucky to find such great guys and hope these next days / weeks go well. Lots planned for alpha 2 :slight_smile:

Will take a shot of us at the office soon, if anyone wants


Your an inspiration! Keep plodding on. The rewards will be worth it.


Having my graphic designer do some test work on some old assets :slight_smile: Thoughts?


I think thats pretty cool, a little off topic but I have noticed many of us upload images with random titles as in this one it is a bunch of numbers.jpeg
I think we should all name when possible in such a way that google works in our favour and all this stuff can be indexed, add to web presence and trail back here. I have found images from this forum on google image search so it does crawl the forum making it a worthwhile endeavor.


Good call. I just renamed both and reuploaded.

I’m not seeing it change though, after going through all that?

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