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More pictures up, can see them by searching #MaidSafe on instagram, or on my @willgallo3 insta


Here’s a few:

Airport currency exchange

The team that started MaidSafe Korea^

The bottom box of this says " SAFE Network launch" as the ultimate goal

Flying over Russia

Discussing SAFE-FS, SafeAppStore & APIs

Lol who does this guy^ think he is??


Great stuff Will. Well done man. Any chance of a diary or list of highlights, MaidSafe and about HK (brings back memories from thirty years ago for me :slight_smile: - visited a uni friend from Kowloon).

I’d also like to get to know the team so who’s who for the group photos would be nice - I think I know Ken but that’s all so far!


OK yeah I’ll give a lil write up some time this weekend


Look forward to reading it Will, well done mate. Good on you!


well the more I ask them about what’s ok to share now and what isn’t, the less I am understanding :stuck_out_tongue:

But a quick basic outline of the trip was that I spent High School in Hawaii, where almost 3/4 people are from Asia, so many of my closest friends were from Japan and Korea. One of my best friends @aydenlee is from Seoul, and he was one of the first people I told about MaidSafe once I really became addicted to it :stuck_out_tongue: so we started a “MaidSafe Korea” facebook page years ago and created lots of content with korean translations.

He kind of fell off for a while during all the delays–as many did–but still held his MAID and wanted more ways to get involved. So fast forward a few years and MaidSafe started to get more investment / interest from Asia and MaidSafe Asia / Solutions was started. They are a group of doers for sure and I have so much respect for their work ethic. They made a joke: “MaidSafe doesn’t have timelines… we do!” and they really mean that!

They schedule many events (and I think they are the masterminds behind the recent Jakarta trip?) and are organizing efforts for developer outreach, mainly. First in Asia–where they are based–and then other areas. They are excited to get as many “Pods” going in Asia as possible, and when they heard about our “MaidSafe Korea” effort, “SAFE-FS,” “AppStore,” “MWApps site,” “SAFEdemo,” “SecretChat,” “JAX / SF Pods,” etc etc over the many years, they became very excited and flew me (and @aydenlee) out to help them as they organize their outreach to new developers.

They are great people and genuinely want to help MaidSafe succeed. They are dedicating their time and resources to the things that MaidSafe might not be able to focus on right now, such as marketing and outreach. It is a great match because that is what I’ve been doing on a smaller scale full time for a while, and they have offered many ways for me to expand this, with weekly prize pools for app competitions, etc.

So our trip was very short and focused. Two days in HK total and nonstop meetings. Must have been 9 meetings across both days, and I felt like I was talking the whole time, because everyone kept asking questions about the apps, APIs, ICOs, SDK’s etc etc. Only time for food and meetings. Was about 10 of us, from different parts of Asia (including Florida haha) namely Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Shanghai. We became very organized and got to know each other very well on the trip.

We are starting several projects for the future, and this is the part I can’t really talk too much about but what I can say is that there will be a new forum for MaidSafe Global (draft) and it will be heavily focused on catering to the other languages and fostering regular events overseas in these different countries. It is very exciting because that is where the vastly overwhelming amount of people using SAFE / SafeCoin will be coming from (due to high internet / smartphone penetration and also high percentage of unbanked people). Every second focusing on these areas is time very very well spent.

Well that’s it for now, maybe can take some questions in the next Audio Chat on Thursday (3/6) but that’s all I have to say here. Enjoy all the pictures I posted, and the links, and get excited for what’s to come!


Nice one dude, it’s great to get a bit more info, even if we’re left with more teasers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought the Maidsafe Asia guys would have to be decent folks for Nick and David to trust them and partner up, but it’s good to hear some stuff from you to confirm that impression.



found the rest:


Figured a creative solution to the multi language problem in discourse for MaidSafe Asia forums

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Attended another tech meetup last night for SAFE-FS / SAFE Network outreach. Was the Jacksonville IT Server Meetup, which had about 30 attendees from data center startups, backend devs from various companies, and a presenter from Microsoft who was mostly trying to sell people on MS’s new Azure hosted cloud platform.

The 1.5 hour presentation (audio for the whole thing is avail below) was fine. Like I said, it was a Microsoft ex-employee who created a startup that teaches people how to use Azure. It was funny though because throughout the whole thing, he was kind of complaining about how difficult it is to set up servers, how often they get hacked, how many layers of encryption they have to set up etc etc. He also sounded like a white hat hacker who explained many ways to hack into servers and therefore how to secure against it. Very knowledgeable person, just wish he was working with SAFE instead :smiley:

Most of his talk just confirmed much of what I’m doing with SAFE to me. He kept talking about JSON-based APIs as the cutting edge for today, which is what SAFE is built on right now, 100%. He said they are much better and simpler (being only keys and values), than what used to be used, like scripts and templates, etc. Yay for SAFE :smiley: He also said how Microsoft tries to encrypt and “back up” certain things around the globe, but everything just seemed so inferior compared to a totally decentralized internet. I guess I’m kind of jaded / full of my own projects in a way, coming from this 100% decentralized, SAFE Network perspective :stuck_out_tongue: perhaps not a great thing…

The discussions after the talk were the best. I was able to meet 4 local devs here in JAX who were very open to making connections and we exchanged cards and messages on One was the event organizer, who I introduced myself to and talked about co-organizing SAFE App Competitions with possible cash prizes from MaidSafe Solutions. He was very excited about this possibility and gave me his cell number and we will follow up on this. He organizes many IT events here in Jacksonville.

I also was able to ask a few questions directly to the man who presented, after he was done, about the field in general, and how he felt about totally decentralized networks, even much further decentralized from Azure, where data isn’t held on servers at all and instead shredded into encrypted chunks that are spread around all the computers of the world. Was interesting to see him forced to think out of his usual box, and his answers were very interesting. He said that for anything like that to work, the encryption would have to be totally bulletproof, and he also said governments would (quote:) “NEVER” accept something like this :stuck_out_tongue: let’s see!!

Great to be back in the USA and getting back on the ground making connections and making more things happen thanks to the great people at MaidSafe Asia and abroad. Let’s make SAFE happen!!

Entire audio recording:

Timestamps for audio:

  • first 10 min is intro from Meetup organizer
  • 11min mark is where MS Azure presenter starts
  • 32:50 is where another server co asks a question
  • 38:30 he talks about automating server work with Powershell
  • 43min or so in is where he refers to 100% JSON as “cutting edge”
  • 54min talks about server costs, $5 per rack etc
  • 1hr4min of the recording presenter finishes, meet & greet starts
  • 1hr 12min is where I ask him about co-organizing meetups
  • 1hr37min is me talking to devs outside, making connections
  • 1hr49min we call it a night and say job well done :smiley:



Thanks for your efforts @whiteoutmashups!


We all need to keep pushing nonstop to make SAFE happen!




Nice trolling Will, haven’t listened but I might just for that part! :laughing:

Hmm? I don’t follow ,…,

Joking :slight_smile:


Anyone interested in listing SFSC on I know we already have the bitsquare listing but the volume there is basically non existent. Cryptopia did not list omni assets in the past but they do now. They have a listing fee in their native currency which is currently around 1.5 BTC. I know it is a lot. I just wanted to suggest it as a possibility. If some people like the idea we could try to raise the listing fee as a community effort. Although I like to hodl SFSC as much as possible I would also like to be able to sell a little if I need to. If not for a paid listing my guess is it will take another year or so to get on an exchange that has a little volume.


Not a bad idea at all. I would contribute to that.

We could even get holders to make donations in SAFE-FS coins to the project and get Will to pay in BTC out of the coffers. I’m sure we could raise a hell of a lot more than the 1.5btc value in SAFE-FS coins and they would be worth a lot more as soon as a liquid trading market opened up. Presumptuous suggestion to make really, but I’m just thinking out loud, up to you ofc Will.

I’ll kick it off by offering 50K SAFE-FS coins if you do go that way. If not I’d also chip in some BTC.


I’m also happy to donate some btc, somewhere in the region of 0.2 to 0.3.


Yeah, why not. I did not think of that before. @whiteoutmashups what do you say? Would you be willing to set up a donation address and manage the process of collecting funds as well as to order the exchange listing through cryptopia in case we collect enough SFSC and/or BTC? I would do it myself but I think I do not have the trust you have around here and I guess that would over complicate things.