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Also if you know of any other exchanges that would be a good fit we will definitely send list requests and follow ups


ok so basically you contacted the 3 exchanges and they did not respond. I guess they will probably also not respond to another email. I think to get listed on poloniex or bittrex is almost impossible as of now. Yobit could work, maybe try to talk to a mod in the trollbox, open a support ticket etc. Also, maybe contacting other exchanges than the mentioned 3 would also be an idea? I know these are the most established ones but a smaller exchange would maybe be better than nothing? There are lots of smaller exchanges out there. I know that for example bleutrade listed mineum (which also pays dividends)


Never heard of that one, will give a SFSC application to it. If you know any others that would be good also I’m always looking for suggestions. I want this just as much as you, just had the door slammed in my face so far but gotta keep going!


Also it wasn’t just emails, it was coin applications also at each of them. So they all already have our info for SFSC ready


Doing a somewhat related update if my phone doesn’t die


Found one of my replacement batteries :slight_smile:

Small, somewhat related update: used a part of my freelance work savings to buy a small “fixer upper” home ($26k total after closing today). To nip any worries in the bud, everyone is free to look at the public crowdsale address on to verify that none of the money for this project has moved, therefore I used my separate savings for this small purchase.

Anyone who’s been following me knows I’ve been living in a van for two years now, coding from my Solar panels :stuck_out_tongue: but it has proven to be a highly inefficient way of life (even though it’s the greatest way to save money, in my mind). Having to drive to the gym, the grocery Store every meal (no fridge!), even the bathroom etc can really suck huge amounts of cumulative time out of your days and now that I’m in a small house things can become more efficient (even despite the bits of work that have to be done on it).

Despite the shockingly tiny price (mostly due to expert negotiating :stuck_out_tongue: lol but seriously) it’s a great location in Jacksonville, FL, many connections out here and nearby tech Meetup groups that I’ve been to and will go to, to keep that side going well. Still have even more new Meetup reports to write out for everyone and progress is being made on the dev forum and locally. Also still have the team in contact if anything is needed to be completed within competitive timeframe (ex live SafeCoin launch coming soon, etc). Looks like we’re all switching back to safe-js, with the new browser ecosystem being made by @joshuef and others. Great work there :slight_smile:

So while this isn’t directly a SAFE-FS update, it positively affects the general productivity so I thought I’d include it. Also like to be very open with my personal affairs since it’s a great community here :slight_smile:

SAFEtube - Video Player (by SAFE-FS)

At least you have a good van-dwelling climate in Florida. I tried for a few weeks in the UK many years ago and all my clothes went mouldy!


Yeah it was even hard in SF for that reason, so rainy and damp all the time. Worst night of my life was when I was just starting off in a small car, had to walk back to it for 2 hours in the cold San Francisco rain, and then sleep in the front seat :stuck_out_tongue: changed clothes but still was cold.

But yeah here in Florida it’s way better. Still might do it sometimes if I need to, like when they’re tenting for termites :bug: :ant: :skull: :stuck_out_tongue:


Will, congratulations and and good luck. $26k would get you a shed here in UK, or a small narrowboat :wink: (two years and clothes not mouldy @JPL).


Thanks, 2bedrooms, was listed about $10k higher before I started overstating the issues :slight_smile: still, Florida has some good deals left if you’re willing to look hard, wait for the best ones, and hold your ground negotiating


I’m guessing you’ve done a lot of ‘eating out’ and tinned food on a camping stove in that van, so I hope you’ll be now saving money by cooking healthy, homemade grub :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And even if there’s no garden you can still grow some herbs and veggies in pots somewhere I’m sure.

Congratulations dude!


Yeah, some sort of woodburning stove is a must to keep everything dry. Not possible in a small camper van though (imagine the insurance!). A lesson learned.


26k could last you 5+ years in 3rd world country. But it just means no meetups and van. :stuck_out_tongue:


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How did you know? Yes, I retired at age 49 in South America and live on about 12k per year.


Thanks for the update, I didn’t know that you lived in a van :slight_smile:
In fact I don’t think I know much about you other than your name, a couple of photos and reputation. A lot of people believe in your work and efforts and they support you that’s why I’m following and supporting this thread.


Hi, any progress on the exchange listing? I know you said that a decentralized exchange on SAFE is a backup plan but worst case is it could take years for something like that to happen.

Can you share your plans for getting SFSC listed on some other exchange?

I am sorry for pushing again but I just did not expect that SFSC would not be listed anywhere almost half a year after the crowdsale. The reason being you stated you will “put every effort” into an exchange listing. To be honest I cannot see you putting “every effort” into this. Maybe a little more transparency on that process would help. Thank you!


Quite accusatory, Did you see all the messages above? I’ve tried the ideas you have given those were helpful, and the other exchanges previously and shared the results with everyone on our old forums and also on this thread, very transparent, the method is exactly the same as every new coin listing that has ever happened in history: emailing exchanges and /or filling out their new coin listing forms and following up, which has been the procedure here and been shared every time any news has come in (which besides a short email from Yobit, hasn’t been much this far)

And again, you’re definitely encouraged to get involved as well as everyone else in the community in the form of sending them emails to show interest in the coin, I’ve heard from successful ones that that really reflects well in the eyes of the exchanges, who want to be sure the coin will bring good volume. And we all thought SAFE would be farther by now so you’re not alone in that feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my tone but both of us could improve our tones greatly :stuck_out_tongue:


Only way I can imagine being more transparent is giving you the password to the WhiteOutMashups email account so you can read them in their raw form but of course that’s very foolish and also very unnecessary because I’ve posted / screenshot them here on this thread and on the previous forums to make them visible


I am sorry for my tone. I am just a little frustrated and could not hold that back. I will be more neutral this time :slight_smile:

Ok, so first I will try to explain where this frustration comes from. It is just that I thought that for now you have to wait till safenet gets mature enough so that you can actually start the real development of SAFE-FS. Maybe this assumption is wrong and you are already developing behind the scenes? At least no information about development was posted here for some time. That is why I assumed that this project is on hold for now and the only task you could do right now while waiting for safenet is trying to get SFSC listed. After my last post I could not see any updates on that process, this is why I assumed nothing more than what you have already stated has been done except maybe filling out the coin application on bleutrade but I do not know what the result was since you did not mention it again. So all this for me was not something I would call “putting every effort” into something (Maybe I do not understand that expression correctly since I am no native speaker as you can tell I guess :slight_smile:) . I really do not want to offend you but this is just how I perceived it.

I expected something like that you maybe go through a list of exchanges (e.g. the 115 exchanges listed on coinmarketcap: and try everyone of them. I know that is a lot and probably not woth with most exchanges but that is just what I understand under “putting every effort”. Also you could talk to other cryptoproject founders how they got listed. Moreover there already are decentralised exchanges like, openledger or NXT. At least for bitsquare I think it is possible to add a coin yourself via a github pull request ( Also WAVES is about the release a decentralised exchange and if no other possibility exists to list SFSC maybe it is at least worth considering making a swap from Omni to WAVES asset (I think that is also possible with NXT). In this way SFSC would be automatically added to their exchange afaik.

So these are all the ideas that come to my mind. I will talk to the mineum founder and ask him how they got listed on yobit and bleutrade. Besides that I am not very connected and think I cannot really help that much. I also do not think that it is possible to convince an exchange to list SFSC by us investors since we are too few. I think the only chance is a small exchange that does not really care about volume anyway or going with a decentralised exchange and for that the best way imo is for the project founder to talk to the respective decision makers.

Do not get me wrong I do not plan to sell for good at the moment, but sometimes I want to get out of a position for a short period of time to take advantage of another opportunity and get back in later. That option is what I am hoping for and I hope that can be realised before the launch of safenet.

I hope my tone was ok this time, if not it was really not meant to be negative.