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Can you do it in small parts? If you’re selling to MrLegacyKit I would personally vouch for his trustworthiness as he has been a loyal user here for a long time now. But always safest to do trades in chunks.

There are also escrow websites.

But if you can’t find anything at all I could facilitate an escrow trade but I would need about a day’s notice in advance


OK! Thank you for your help, I am waiting for MrLegacyKit online. Once everyone is sure good, I can put the safe - fs to you, and then wait for MrLegacyKit confirmation you receive fscoin maidsafe to pay me


I’ve just PM-ed both of you. :slight_smile:


Had another great outreach Meetup today. This one was up in Jacksonville today. Here’s a quick pic and some basic info, but will do write ups and give more pics and a few videos (some intentional, some unintentional like when I was trying to take a picture:P) from this and the last few SAFE-FS outreach Meetups.

Today was a JAX Java Users Group Meetup (small today, only 9 people) with “lightning talks” (usually <10min presentations), where some topics were Scala,, functional programming, fuzzy programming, and BoA’s new bank user cloud project.

Mine was on SAFE-FS :slight_smile: looking back, I definitely should have taken a voice memo of it, because we had some great questions about it, especially from the node / scala server guys. They asked about the plugins (for safe://), the economics, Cryptocurrencies in general, and had lots of questions into this whole world. Was great interest all around, more questions kept coming up. Wish I had David’s knowledge of the inner workings:P

Will do a more formal write up on it, also have a back log of SAFE-FS Meetups that I need to write up for you guys

Here’s an awkward pic of myself (I think someone told a joke):

Here’s one of the lightning talks:

More formal write up coming soon!
(cool side note, they had the HTC Vive there which was soooo cool!!) :smiley:


Also I just remembered to check on our PoC after a long time, and have approved many images and our first video. Crazy stuff! Thanks for all the interest and enjoy!


Easy link to all of our Documents:


A few updates about our website and our forums:

  • We have decided to close our instance of a forum, for several reasons explained below, but we have saved a “D.O. Snapshot” of it, in case anyone is vehemently opposed to this decision
  • We have made several updates to our website to reflect this.
  • We have made a DNS update so that now redirects to this thread, for discussions to occur here instead
  • will get several updates in the future, as it transitions away from a crowdsale website and into a long term website for our company

The forum has been closed for several reasons. One is that the vast majority of our investors came from this forum, so it is safe to assume that they already have accounts here instead of on the forum we created. Second reason stems from the first, and it is that they would always come to this thread to ask questions, much more often than posting to our much smaller forum. Third is that $20 of our $25 monthly DigitalOcean bill was the very inactive forum alone, with the other $5 hosting our live SAFE-FS Proof of Concept (very useful while presenting at Meetups), the MWApps site, and many other valuable backup files for our company. So the $20 had very little value compared to the $5, so we decided to stick to only the $5/mo. Fourth is that the forum only really held two purposes, which are now fulfilled elsewhere: first being a place to discuss (see reasons 1-3 above), and second being a place to host the links to the different sale documents. I have recently posted links to all of the sale documents in post #140 of this thread, and have updated all the links on to reflect this.

If anyone has opposing reasons, we still have an offline backup copy of the forum, so it would be worth discussing, but $20/mo for a very inactive / redundant forum didn’t seem like a proper use of these funds long term.

tl;dr: for many reasons, we have replaced our forums website with this thread. Thank you for your attention!


Free random goodie download:

SAFE-FS Cursor!


It’s the one that I’m always using, I like how it makes my mouse much more visible while using strong bluelight filters (preserve eyesight:). So you 'll see it in my debugging screenshot posts on the dev forum.



What would anyone think about using bitsquare for SFSC exchanges also?

I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve read that they are good for altcoins

Worth looking into? Anyone tried it?


Not tried them, but am a big fan of any kind of decentralisation, so it would be good to give me the motivation to try it out.


I tried it once, and for some reason or another the trade didn’t work out. I lost my fees & some time, and haven’t bothered trying again since.

I guess it’s early days, and it’s a good idea, even if its a bit rough at the moment.


Maybe I’ll try some test ones with @Jabba or anyone else, and report back. Just for now, as we continue trying with the various exchanges


Any progress on the yobit listing? Did you try the Premium Listing?


The latest has been posted.

Waiting for response. If you all want to email them also I’m sure that would help them get a reply out to someone, if they see some actual desire


I know asking for exchange listings for safenet projects is not very popular among our community but since you stated in the announcement “we will put every effort into listing our SFSC98 on as many exchanges as appropriate” I wanted to ask you again about that topic.

What steps have you taken so far to get SFSC listed? Which exchanges have you already approached? What was their response?

When I invested in SFSC the statement that you will “put every effort into listing SFSC” was very important to me because I need my funds liquid. Not that I am planning to sell but the possibility should be there.

I dont have the feeling that a lot of effort is put into this at the moment. I really hope you will keep your promise. Thanks!


Poloniex, Bitttex, and also Yobit from Rancor’s recommendation. No response yet, I can send another round of emails

As we all discussed on our old forums, the promises of the dividends / company voting rights turned out to shoot ourselves in the foot in terms of clearnet exchange viability, but of course we’re still making every effort to get a response out of any of them.

People may say “Daniel got SEC on Bittrex even though his coin represented the same things” which is true, but he also had personal connections with that Las Vegas based exchange that I don’t have access to.

All of this was on the SFSC forum thread but yes I think it’s good to put here since this is our new place for discussion.

Still doing what I can, and your / any followers’ help with emailing can be extremely helpful in trying to convince exchanges to reply to me, to show them that there’s real demand for it also.

Decentralized exchanges on SAFE are also a backup plan down the road, where these rules won’t matter and anyone can add coins to create a market. Plan to be among the very first on these in the early days.

tl;dr still reaching out to all matches, and any extra input from any of you would be a huge help in convincing them to say something back


Also if you know of any other exchanges that would be a good fit we will definitely send list requests and follow ups


ok so basically you contacted the 3 exchanges and they did not respond. I guess they will probably also not respond to another email. I think to get listed on poloniex or bittrex is almost impossible as of now. Yobit could work, maybe try to talk to a mod in the trollbox, open a support ticket etc. Also, maybe contacting other exchanges than the mentioned 3 would also be an idea? I know these are the most established ones but a smaller exchange would maybe be better than nothing? There are lots of smaller exchanges out there. I know that for example bleutrade listed mineum (which also pays dividends)


Never heard of that one, will give a SFSC application to it. If you know any others that would be good also I’m always looking for suggestions. I want this just as much as you, just had the door slammed in my face so far but gotta keep going!