SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files



We have recently decided to announce the final & larger half of our planned applications,

The SafeAppStore software is as complete as it can be at present, as we have released most of our designs (#2), many updates, and a revised financial report for the project. While we await SAFE’s APIs for further development–which we are quite ready for–we have decided to begin our much larger application that we have been quietly organizing.

SAFE-FS aims to become a flagship application on MaidSafe’s SAFE Network, to push itself and the network as a whole into the mainstream public eye. It aims to be the first-to-market and most widespread manager for public files & search on SAFE, while being as sleek and user-friendly as possible. We see these public files as perhaps the most important type of data, and the ability to manage and find them online could be the major driving force that powers PtP economics, and incentivizes users to upload popular files to SAFE.

Our deliverables for you today include:

  • a detailed website of detailed information on all aspects of our company & technology (
  • a live concept for users to upload files to and search through in real time (
  • a redesigned community forum to host our documents and discussions (
  • a visualization of our running costs and expected expenditures
  • recently released SafeAppStore Company Financial Report
  • an aggressive marketing campaign for SAFE-FS and SAFE, with an interactive SAFE-FS Marketing Calendar, for users to browse our Marketing Events & suggest others
  • several new social media accounts for additional updates and communication

This is an open source project which we are providing resources for, so that the SAFE Network will be allowed to be pushed forward, allowing our application to be used by a much wider audience. After securing the proper SAFE Network domains and audience, our extensible codebase will be made open source, so that it may be integrated into other apps and attract more users and developers to our platform.

Many features of the app such as governance and votes on aspects of the software may be dictated by the SFSC involved, including the permanent, autonomous network rewards program. Additionally, based on SAFE-FS popularity and use, it can be used as a vehicle for potential future growth, based on amount of users and total size of the SAFE Network and our application.

In short, many file storage platforms of today such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, Facebook file manager and others do not offer you any encryption, and certainly none that protects you from the snooping / selling by the company itself. SAFE-FS creates a completely open, transparent, immutable and 100% physically secure file storage and retrieval option that is not possible with the current infrastructure of the internet, and aims to be a highly successful and scalable company that pushes encryption and affordable privacy into the mainstream alongside MaidSafe’s SAFE Network.

We are very excited to announce this, although we didn’t expect to begin SAFE-FS until much later. However, as we are still awaiting the SAFE Network APIs, we need to best utilize this time, and organizing this app and boosting our current marketing efforts will allow us to do so.


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Congrats — Honoured to be the First Commenter :ant:


Hey another crowdsale, ofcourse I’m supporting this :stuck_out_tongue:


Is 6/26/16 a typo since you say later


Your mockup seems to be malfunctioning. Whether this is because safe is down or because it’s miscoded I don’t know. But there was no search field to enter text into. By and large the site gives me the vibe of having more fluff than substance but that could change. It’s a good concept but I’d want to see more tangible stuff I could actually use.


@whiteoutmashups is there a list of who the “we” are. I checked the site and am not able to find any info.
Would be nice to know who is involved.
You mentioned in your last sale that Daniel spurred you on with Safe Apps is he invloved here?


What a nice surprise! :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble locating the crowdsale documents referred to here:

Sale Documents

We have created several sale documents, including Terms of Sale, Risk Disclosures, Crowdsale Specifications, Privacy Policy, Purchase Agreement, and Profit Delivery Program. All are binding so please read them entirely.

When I click the button it just scrolls the page. Can you post these somewhere, thanks.


Yes that’s right, still being finalized:


No he is not involved, this project is myself and a prospective list of new developers. I haven’t yet asked for their permission to give all their names out, as it would be too early as none have been officially hired, as we are only at the release stage right now.

Depending on who & how many we are able to hire, our group size will change. It has only been three developers so far (including myself) to get to where we are here with the mockup (one backend developer, one frontend designer, and myself for the final code revisions) and I’ll ask them if they would like to be revealed.

Should have word back later today


Hmm, working fine for me, are you sure you’re at ?


Ah found the problem. Your search bar colour has REALLLY low colour contrast with the white background. I couldn’t see it. Had to randomly click around in order to find it. You might want to add a border or darken/change the colour a bit to make it more visible.


How are the upload fields at the bottom appearing for you? Are they difficult to see as well?


Same colour, same contrast problem. Though the fact they have labels beside them helps.


Try refreshing the page now, I just added placeholder text to the search tag markup


Okay that works great. It’s just these little things are important. :smile:


Ummmm the browse option for your upload is not popping up a file select menu…


Could you elaborate on what you feel is missing? Have our put a great deal of effort in lining everything out very clearly. It’s still a very early stage for the project, but very much effort has gone into getting to this point.


Which browser are you using?

Everything has been tested across Firefox, Chrome and Opera so far without issue.

Here’s a few screenshots of my uploading a file just now on my mobile Chrome:

There are also several files in the database already, so the upload function should be working correctly


Much agreed! Do appreciate the uncensored feedback! Only makes the project stronger


I’m on Windows and using Firefox. I click browse and it doesn’t do anything.

As for the site it’s beautiful but it seems to be geared more towards marketing. Questions that pop into my head initially when browsing through the site:

  1. Where are the technical documents that explain how all this works?

  2. You’ve mentioned the SAFEAppStore on the site but didn’t link to it. Where is it for someone who has never heard of it before?

  3. No mission statement or about us? Who are you for someone who doesn’t know who you are or what SAFE is.

  4. Progress updates on what has been accomplished so far and what you need beyond the financial aspect. Nice graphics are great for an overview but they don’t answer what needs to be coded. Nor do they tell me what you mean by “safecoin display” for example and why it’s worth an extra 5 grand. If you’re going to ask for people to donate to a crowdfund or buy your coin then you better be specific with the details as to what they’re investing their money in.

  5. Who is your team? I understand some of your devs may want to be anonymous but it’s good to show a few names or faces of people backing you. You need to be able to give an impression that you actually can get the job done.

@whiteoutmashups I’m quite used to reading hype and marketing pitch and so I have a bit of a resistance to it. If there aren’t specific details I tend to ignore fancy graphics as empty hype. I’d rather a plain web page with well thought out specifics and concrete goals than a fancy beautiful web site than doesn’t have too much content and substance on it. Especially when it concerns money. Your app site that I saw before was a similar vein to this. Very excited and beautiful but lacking somewhat in detail. You did good work putting up all the apps and keeping them updated. Though that self updating CMS thing you building needed work. I think the mockup on your site is the best part as it’s something the user can actually use and play with. But so far it’s only partially working for me. You do asthetics and design really well. But you’re a little shy on technical detail.