SAFE-FS Crowdsale finished

Crowdsale is complete

Our sale has been active for three weeks and has been a very powerful experience for the project. There have been intense discussions and many updates during this time. Several include:

Tuesday July 19th 2016 marked the end of our crowdsale, and the final opportunity to purchase SAFE-FS Coins, until our coin is listed on exchanges.


As expected it has been shooting up today.

Hopefully it will get a bit more with the 14% bonus back on for today/the next few hours.

But not too much more ;), I want to be a little bit of a whale please lolz

Last time I checked it’s already double that, congratulations @whiteoutmashups ! :slight_smile:

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28000 dollars exceeded! Congratulations @whiteoutmashups of successful crowdsale.


Hmm, perhaps the shortcut links I made (BTC, MAID) to monitor the addresses are showing old figures, but I see it as $10,286 for the BTC address, with the other address at 69,500 MAID.

Are these the figures you are seeing?

Didn’t check XBT, but Maid shows this on my side, waaaay more than 69,500 anyway:

Add the $10,000 deposit in XBT and indeed you’re on $28,000. Well done man!


I used omniwallet balance check and it shows MaidSafeCoin (3) 238683 $17,987.51


Yes I just used also and saw slightly higher just now.

Very good! All of our deliverables are now guaranteed! SAFE-FS can be all we have planned, this is very exciting, and thank you to everyone who has now joined us!

Please make accounts on our forums ( and participate in our discussions!


Missed mentioning it above, but be sure to listen to the SAFE-FS interview with n99 host Mr Tim Coomber on his Life_Is_People YouTube podcast!

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how awesome is that!!! especially the mountable safe-drive is SOOOOOO cool!!!

congratulations @whiteoutmashups i’m glad you are the one making it happen!


I just put some BTC towards this. Hope it gets there before the deadline!

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Yes these are very exciting times!

It’s amazing to finally be so close to alpha, I feel like we have a new Testnet to work with every week and everyone’s projects are getting so much closer to all being launched…

Hopefully our SAFE Network /FS community explodes in numbers very soon! I know I will always do what I can to help that happen; there’s no project out there with as much potential for good as SAFE, and nothing I’d rather be dedicated to for the long haul.

Here’s to a very exciting launch for us all, and for a very long lived SAFE Network!


can I send fund directly from poloniex?

Would definitely reccomend not to do that,

it will be much easier to have total control of your SAFE-FS coins if you send to OmniWallet first, and then use that to send to the crowdsale address

I also would like to stress out you read all the documents provided with the crowdsale. Not only would the answer to your question be found there*, it will also give you a tremendous amount of information what you are jumping into. :slight_smile:

  • Delivery Terms
    SFSC will be delivered to the accepted Bitcoin
    addresses. If you purchased with Bitcoin, the SFSC will be delivered
    to that address in accordance with the “Crowdsale Specification
    Terms” terms, meaning that they will be sent to the BTC address that appears at the top of the sending list when viewed on The same will occur if you purchased with
    MaidSafecoin, as they will be sent to your Bitcoin address that
    appears first on, where the MaidSafeCoins were sent

Edit, here is a good starting point.

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I did not really understand how the SFSC will be allocated, altough I flew over the crowdsale documents. What I do not get is what difference it makes to either participate with BTC or MAID. Do you use the same allocation method as Seneca did with PDC? Lets look at an example:

Person A invests 1 BTC, person B invests 10k MAID lets say that is worth 1 BTC at the time both A and B invest. At the end of the crowdsale the MAID price for 10k MAID is now 2 BTC. Do both A and B get the same amount of SFSC?

Yes you should take a look at the Crowdsale Specifications document, it has the details about the regular market price updates every 12 hours that will be released after the sale finishes, as happened with SafeAppStore.

The short answer is that these entrie 3 weeks are being broken down into 12 hour chunks, with a market price update to be released for each one, to calculate coin value.

The whole process is still open and visible for SafeAppStore on our forums

With marketprice you refer to the USD price?

Yes – twenty characters


No further SAFE-FS coins will be sold at this crowdsale price anymore. You will have to wait until we decide to list SFSC on exchanges. We will do this when we agree it is best for our value and have delivered substantial updates / progress to warrant listing it