SAFE-FS Alpha 2 & Beyond

We have updated SAFE-FS enough to require a new thread.

SAFE-FS is a community initiative and group founded & based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, aimed at helping provide development & frameworks for data security online.

It has been in development for very many years, and has delivered many versions alongside the growth of MaidSafe, from the very early TESTNET networks to Alpha 1, 2 & beyond. In addition to those live versions across many networks, the various developers have documented their work on different parts, with open dev tutorials on Github for SAFE-FS & various related side projects that each exemplify parts of the functionality.

You can see our most recent website, recently published live to the Alpha 2 Network, and optimized for mobile! This makes use of the great advances MaidSafe has recently made on Mobile, including the Mobile Browser & its various apps.

Check out our Alpha 2 Website either at safe://saf.efs on Desktop or Mobile SAFE Browsers, or simply view the video overview below:

We strongly support MaidSafe’s vision of digital security online.

More updates coming soon!


Very good job Will!

I see someone following you in YouTube: What’s up today? - #2524 by Dimitar :wink:


Thanks! That was fast :smiley: :cloud_with_lightning:


And don’t forget to check it out on mobile everyone!

Good amount of time was spent optimizing it for :iphone:


Or you can see some mobile screenshots HERE in the thread that shows some mobile websites


Just checked it out on my iPad and it looks snazzy! Nice to watch your promo video on the SAFE Network too :sunglasses:

Keep up the good work.


Thanks yeah Alpha 2 runs so smoothly :+1:

Pretty impressive for the network to already handle video streaming so well. Adding that video was meant as a little network stress / latency test as well, and SAFE passed with flying colors :trophy:


Just watched the video, on my phone, on the safe browser, on cellular network.

Great stuff.

Punch zoom works on browser.

Safe mobile browser. It is the best thing to happen for the SAFENetwork.



I couldn’t agree more if I tried!

Can’t wait to update some of my old apps, like my encrypted messenger, YouTube clone SafeTube and others for mobile so people can interact with each other from their phones.

Mobile really gets me excited in my bones again


Just watched the video on the mobile browser and it played perfectly. It is just so much more accessible on a mobile platform and the authenticator works superbly, especially with auto-reconnect - I came home and just switched to my safe browser and the URL came up!

I can’t wait to see full SAFENetwork API support on the mobile browser too!


So true!

I’ve been going onto different sites on the mobile browser several times a day ever since I downloaded it. It just works every time without any login each time.

Infinitely more accessible. Can’t wait to get my own fun apps running on it so there’s things to do and ways to connect. And can’t wait to see more apps from other people that are mobile ready.

There’s really so much we can already do right now with just the JS tools. That’s how I made SecretChat last time. Little minimal web apps that can process a bit of data and let people interact, all while using cutting-edge encryption and data sharding in the background.

Why this isn’t loudly at the forefront of the entire crypto / decentralisation movement is beyond me.


A mobile browser, serving content, content encrypted on a distributed crypto (alpha) network,
with lighting fast response times.

If bitcoin had a web-browser it would be front page news.

The crypto community need to catch up, they will, and when they do, the mobile browser
will help spread the SAFENetwork like wild fire.