SAFE Fossil Fuel Divestment App

I envision something that is a bit like an addictive cross between a video game, social media and a forum, but at home on a cell phone. Bring on all the stuff that makes gamer score and gamification work in systems like XBLA. Let it run on a cycle where one step includes verification of real world results. Let it have neat intuitive features that do for carbon reduction what fit bit does for biometrics. For instance better organic food brands would sport a “certified fully renewably produced” label and purchase of such products award points and trust/exp. Such a farm producer from tractors to stoves and washing machines would be all zero carbon electric- could even include the crazy sounding notion of solar kilned (cleaned) "organic water. Let there be a carbon meter or score. Digressing a lower verified score will get someone all sorts of benefits.

  1. Divest your pension fund! 10000 points
  2. Electric car, solar panels, whole house battery with all appliances and cars running on fully on solar electric cars. 5000 points
  3. No sugar added fully renewably produced diet purchased from stores and logistics firms that also have fully renewably produced/driven certification
    or lower scores than yours 1000

Open a successful business that helps people go zero carbon and get 5000-2000 points.

These are offensive carbon credits.

Potentially saves our lives, saves the viable biosphere and keeps us working on the green revolution saving the global economy from built-out inefficient obsolite toxic fossil fuels and keeps us working for the next 40 years despite the “rise of the robots.”

I want one more thing. A global zero carbo count down clock that equates members efforts with the zero carbon goal of putting every fossil fuel company out of business within ten years time. Its a bit of a reverse doomsday clock. But let that be the credo, the mantra, the vision and the higher organizational purpose: every fossil fuel business out of business within 10 years time. And no hybrids if they make any money at all from fossil fuels for energy purposes they are out of business. A Fit Bit for the Earth.


Take it away George:

‘Saving the Planet’:


Always awesome but he would have liked it except for my save the planet stupity. I edited.

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