SAFE-Fleming: Our Next Major Milestone


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I clapped and shared! Very exciting! Whoever writes the text deserves applause…


Great article! Hopefully I can spare some time to be part of the test tomorrow.

Btw, I’ve added it here:


Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to get involved in the testing again. I even have uncapped broadband this time! :sunglasses:


Thanks Maidsafe devs & super patient ant community :crazy_face: + :test_tube: = :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great read and it certainly gets the “expectancy” juices flowing :slight_smile:

I’ve just tweeted it to my own 400 plus followers…


And here I read this on the 17th and I’ve probably got to wait for the 18th to see it. Way to get excited then realise being ahead of most of the world has its downsides too. :joy:

Great article though and great to hear of the upcoming tests.


It’s written to be exciting, of course it’s exciting. I expect we’ll have RC1 in 15 years.


It’s written to be exciting, of course it’s exciting. I expect we’ll have RC1 in 1.5 years.

There fixed that typo for you :wink:


This time next year all people like you will be eating a big bowl of STFU! You’ll see… :smirk:
v1.0 will not be necessary to give all who doubted this project a clear picture of what is inevitable. Once real time upgrades hit, THE GAME IS OVER! SAFEnet will begin eating societies cancerous tumors like popcorn. YUM!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: … gulp! :relieved::innocent:


This post really shows the problems MaidSafe is trying to solve. I always notice that some people out there (even the ones with a strong voice) really have no clue. They think of a ‘simple’ P2P-network when they talk about 'MaidSafe".

Just take DNS as an example. How hard could it be to get that thing right? Well, have a look:

It takes some very talented devs at Mozilla and other places a lot of hard work to just prevent malicious nodes from stealing your data. SAFE can’t fix this for the current internet, but on the SAFE network this problem can’t exist as no one can come between you a the website you visit. No one even has a clue that you visited a certain website! No ISP, no hacker and even the one that made the safe://website. That’s what the power of SAFE will be. Fixing loads and loads of trouble we currently see on the web.

Great :+1: to the team at @maidsafe. Keep up the good work.


great news. So how does one test it out ?


We will just have to wait for the instructions which will be in a separate topic when released


Yeah! Look forward to the milestone being reached. Great article that gets at some of the key reasons why I’m following this project almost 5 years on. Keep em coming @maidsafe team!


Great read! :slight_smile:

2300 claps.

There are many many SAFEnetnauts outs there.


Read. Clapped. Shared on my networks and will be sharing again all over today.


Must admit to clapping 30-odd times…


50 claps (just hold down the mouse button until maxed!) … AND I will go over this article on my weekly Safe Crypto Show. Great work Maidsafe team!!!


Nice, been waiting on the sidelines ready to jump in once we can participate in testing again :grinning:


My poor mouse has been getting a hammering unnecessarily due to me not knowing this information!

You live & learn :smiley: