Safe features in use at the moment

Hi All, I recently ran into a tech company with a product that used a feature similar to what safe currently plan to have as part of its overall package. Basically they are an object storage vendor ( ) and have successfully implemented this product to the point of it being acquired by IBM for USD1.3 Billion . They use the concept of data splitting and dispersal to different storage nodes, that allows for high reliability of retrieval and unlimited data storage as you scale it up e.t.c.

Also most cloud providers(e.g. AWS) have a backup option with the ability to retrieve data at certain speeds(often slow e.g. glacier), that safe network could be used as a backend for - assuming a convincing reliability over the next few years. I am just wondering for the rest of you - is there some tech - you have seen in the wild out there that has a feature set similar to what safe plans to use…


Object Storage is what Amazon S3 is. CleverSafe is one of many implementations.
SAFE is different; it doesn’t use the S3 API and it has its own network (as well as a token).

Erasure coding is implemented by Sia (google “siacoin”), but I’ve stopped following that project months ago.