SAFE Farmer's Club

Welcome to the first SAFE Farmer’s Club public thread. On this thread, I suggested farmers join forces and form a club. To my surprise there was some interest… possibly others still on the fence. So I guess we are doing it. Here’s a brief overview for public interest.


Stage 1 (Farming Solutions)
Identify the maximum benefit minimum cost for a farming operation. This is the “research” stage we are in right now. I’m currently analysing Cloud Servers, running cost calculations and found some interesting results.

Stage 2 (Vault Rentals / Hand Holding Service / Consulting)
This is an ongoing discussion… These may or may not be the end goal. However, we have identified some convincing reasons why some people would want to: rent a vault, hire our group to help them setup farming vaults/hardware, or seek consultation with their business. There may be other business ideas that evolve over time.

Stage 3 (Voluntary Collaboration)
There will absolutely be NO dues… because I hate it. It’s hard enough to trust each other. If we start with “mutually” beneficial relationships… trust will follow. Honesty, innovation, determination, and a little hard work are key to success. My motto has always been “under promise and over deliver” so don’t expect much until success speaks for itself.

Public VS Private discussions
I know some may not want a reveal a solution when they worked so hard to discover it and will respect their wishes. So if it’s private, keep it private, if not… assume it will become public. I am on Slack as dyamanaka.

Why should I trust @dyamanaka?
You don’t have to. You are free to form relationships with anyone else and keep me out of the loop. Honestly, I don’t work with people who aren’t willing to meet me half way. Sorry, but that’s how I roll.

Keep in mind, we’re here to achieve a common goal… see THE PLAN above. If you see the benefits, join us. By joining the club I’ll be adding you to our list of contacts, specific to the way you’re helping: financing, hardware, research, marketing, etc… You will be surprised what you know is just as useful as who you know.

EDIT: we’ve started a SAFE Farmer’s channel on slack… you need to be invited. We are discussing specific details on various solutions. Contact @dyamanaka or @Melvin for an invite.

If you don’t have Slack already, use this link to enter your email address for an auto invite. Some people said they aren’t getting an auto invite, so try using a different email address.

If you just want to lurk and catch tips/ideas after we find something “good”, keep and eye on this thread. I’ll post public working solutions once they are proven.


Less theatre and more armadillo. Your role is be who you are and just roll with it. :smile: C’mon remember your inner chipmunk. lol

But in all seriousness I think stage 2 of your idea will depend largely on stage 1 as the need for hiring a vault or external farmer will highly depend on how the network specs work out. SAFE is not the same as bitcoin. Consultation might be another route but I suspect such knowledge would get into public circulation for free anyway eventually.

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@dyamanaka & @Melvin count me in bro’s, it’s always fun to experiment. But on the financing part…

[quote=“dyamanaka, post:1, topic:5223”]
Why should I trust @dyamanaka?
[/quote]The SAFE community should talk less about trust and just do stuff or structure things so that there is no need to trust each other (smart contracts).

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Count me in and we will see where this leads!


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This is a great idea, and will eventually help contribute to overall knowledge on farming for the entire community. Count me in :smile:

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Do you have a slack ID? I’ll invite you to our channel if you have one.

Cloud mining rigs for bitcoin are a scam and I think that Rent-A-Vault’s for Safecoin wouldn’t end up much better. Also mining pools are one of bitcoins biggest flaws. I hope that none of this is needed here.

"2. No need to install anything, just click to rent a vault and start receiving Safecoin.
3. Vault statistics shown, allowing potential renters to see which vaults are performing well… attracting a higher premium."
source: Upload speeds are a problem

Yuck. Just create a docker image and let people have fun. Sidenote: I’d encourage the MaidSafe team to switch to Affero GPL so that businesses like these don’t end up being proprietary and centralized.


Well, I do have a terabyte drive that’s doing nothing and I’m in need of a truckload of money, so count me in.

Edit: if this is the right topic, what’s the situation with using multiple accounts on the same system to get more coins relative to what a single big account would get?

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My understanding is this is aimed at folk who don’t have the means to farm “at home”, so to help each other get set up with rented equipment (in the cloud).

If you just want help running your own equipment there are lots of people on the forum who I think will be willing to help with that, and obviously MaidSafe will want to make it as easy as s possible so anyone can do it.


I’m going to rent/buy equipment also when I get a bit more funds, but thanks for the heads up.

Uhhh, why isn’t everyone farming? AWS and the like (Digital ocean etc) are free and available to everyone…

i think digital ocean, aws and so on will start farming with unused capacities as soon as the safe network gets big enough and they can get some profit out of it :wink: … at least that would be what I would do if i were them … (and they will be able to do it way cheaper than us by using their services :smiley: )

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Doubt it. Farming for a coin that has a uncertain value. It would take some business balls to jump into that.

Even if they did the business plan and evaluation would take some time and that is after SAFE network has matured a little. Big business moves a lot slower than the little guys like us.

My prediction is that they will leverage on us and (eventually) offer plans or self installs to entice us to use their services. They would rather trade $xxx million in uncertain returns for 1/2 of it in cold hard cash by supplying server facilities to us. Makes business sense that they can get past their shareholders.


thats why i said “as soon as the safe network gets big enough” … but yes i agree this is very far future thoughts … safecoin then would have to be way more important than bitcoin is today (and this happening may take a while … but hopefully it will happen some day :wink: )

“short-term” (within the next couple of years) you are probably right

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Is this like a SAFE credit union?


It is possible I would want to be in on this. I am going to rent 90 TB with 3gbs during launch. The cost is less than $500 a month, cheapest I have found.


Okay I think we should set a professional crowd funding. The storage servers are cheap at OVH. They have 200+terabyte servers. A combination of servers with them would cost less than $60 a year per terabyte each with ample connection speed. Our crowdfunded venture might sell contracts for $100. The difference could pay for professional maintenance. And profit for setting it up.
If others like this Idea I have 50000 maidsafecoins to invest in contracts.

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People in on the first the first year of contracts will receive dividend shares in the crowdfunding as well. It’s an Idea that I can not set up though at least not without a few others.

I’m willing to do a crowd fund, AFTER we get data on Farming Test Safecoin and figure out the optimal hardware configuration.

Stats from Test Farming is critical for myself and others. It helps us measure the risk/reward before investing in a crowd fund.

Right now, I have no idea what kind of earnings OVH servers will yield.

But first things first… I need to test farm before going forward on anything else.