Safe Exchange on Bitcoin Rush

That was an exceptional presentation, and grateful to Rush for reaching out about doing a segment on it. Wanted to share it with the community.


Indeed this was well explained , captivating and stimulating

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A blockchain-based governance system?

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technically we are using the blockchain for the safe exchange coin. Which is a part of the governance system currently. We’ll sort through governance over Safe network in the future of course at least someone (somemany) will.

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I’m confused, it won’t be working on Safenet?

@piluso the safe exchange coins are currently on the bitcoin blockchain using omni protocol; the governance system will work on the safenet. I mean’t that we will need to design the governance system for the safe exchange that will reside on the safenet, though for now (until the work for the governance system on safenet is done) we could use the block chained coins to tally votes.

omg, you guys are using mastercoin??

I don’t see why not, there’s no benefit to mastercoin or omni protocol to my using it to placehold safe exchange coin. It’s also what I’ve had familiarity with for coding. After all maidsafecoin is also an omni protocol coin.


Can you explain how you rationalized incorporating the SAFE moniker into your personal project? A complete and utter bastardization of the MAIDSAFE, SAFENETWORK, SAFECOIN and SAFE - Secure Access For Everyone “brand”.

This amateur hour video and your personal project is confusing to anyone looking to learn about the safe network and truly robs so many people of the value they have worked so hard to create.

This needs to be challenged and moved off this forum.

Maybe you might be better to raise you concerns of this nature in the topic more suited for it.

Also MAIDSAFE did not seem to have an issue with @dallyshalla’s use of safex.

or maybe its just fine here.

And that means what? Its pretty clear someone has an issue with it and its pretty clear why. So if you want to respond to my concerns, address my concerns, dont tell me to go elsewhere or suggest I join the herd.

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simply, safe and private… The safex wins my vote, even at the moment I am scratching my head about these committees dbot members and using the safex coin for comments and stars where people are awarded in safe coin is confusing.
I think 10 people could sign off a btc transaction from the block chain, but not sure how the safe coin would be confirmed being private, unless the safex coin is like a tether coin asset where you are buying selling this coin.

Maybe video on this would clear up my confusion as I am quite slow.

@BIGbtc no one is asking you to join any heard. Naturally an exchange that is free from attack on the software level - i.e. you cannot hack and attack your goods you made, nor mine goods that I had made. Likewise I can not trace you and your activities for exchanging and you can not trace mine. Therefore, the world’s people are free to interact without extraordinary risks with their actions from their computers.

This is a safe exchange. The name was chosen a long time ago. I can not argue if you are confused or not that is your choice. Things are very clearly portrayed with the help of friends and allies in the community. This is a clear agenda to bring free ability to trading for people. It is hardly a personal project. Even though I am the one who is making it done.

I find your post offensive. As someone who has helped grow this community and has spread the word about Safe Network MaidSafe Safecoin Safe to an extraordinary extent. Just the beginning while things are getting launched, the exchange included. Regarding the video: Every amateur has a starting point as they become pros. But that is also ok, not all things will agree with all people all the time.


It takes a brave man/woman to make a statement without much support. I like to feel the water first.

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yes @neo suggested I should join the “herd” Oh look, maidsfe thinks it is OK so ya’ll must think that too!

Really. Not too long ago though. White Paper 11/25/2015 … Domain First Registered : 2015-02-28

You’re offended because you dont understand what my criticism is about . I have no problem with you or your crypto project. Im a fan of alts and all things bitcoin. I have a problem with you diluting the SAFE brand and confusing ALL that see you pumping your product/concept/coin on this forum. I see you’re a proponent of the SAFENETWORK, -good news for all of us- and certainly plays well into your project.

Dont think because you have made a contribution to SAFE that you have the right to do as you wish with the very NAME (IP) that has been synonymous with SAFECOIN, the SAFENETWORK, MAIDSAFE et al.

In the real world you would be taken to task by some heavyweights with a Cease & Desist and it surprises me that the Maidsafe team has sanctioned this.

You are diluting and damaging the SAFE brand and that has consequences for me and many others.

Please move your roadshow off this forum onto your forum or change the name of your project to something that does not SERIOUSLY CONFLICT with the name of a project and coin that I, and many others, invested in long before you thought the name SAFE was a cool name.

I have an investment to protect.

If anyone is planning Safebook please let me know when the crowdsale will start.

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Please provide a proper response to my critical review of your choice of names for your coin and exchange and the venue used to promote it.

Tell me why Im wrong to believe what I believe.

December 29, 2014
Check revision history

The sale is over in less than 9 days; I’m sure I’ll post an update to the official thread. Also there are no more schedule interviews that I’m aware of, no worries. Further ones will go to an edit to that thread so if anyone was interested in reading about it:

and to the forum

I’m right next to you to say that to protect investment etc, projects going to need to work out And I think this is just an expansion of our ecosystem and an exemplary demonstration of a strong community and applaud your outspokeness.

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Thanks for confirming my point. There was no “long time ago”

never disputed that.

No, thats not called outspokeness. Thats called Cease & Desist my friend.

Clearly my concerns are not your concerns but I wish you luck anyway.

I am quite excited to watch as the world slowly leaves behind a world dominated by words like brand, mine, yours, rights, incorporating, property, bastardization, rob, copyright, patent, trademark…that are all enforced with violent coercion.

@BIGbtc welcome to a world where everyone’s contribution is one ANT towards the community in which all directly benefit from those contributions. The ideological foundation for which SAFE network stands is probably scary for people that have become so accustomed to protecting their illusionary idea of property. There is much promise in a world where being the “few” is considered a weakness and the “many” are strong in connecting our creative power. Join us and show us what “brand” you see for the SAFE network. The light in me honors the fact it only shines from the reflection of others (including you).