SAFE Drive - access SAFE storage on your local drive

Status Update

I’ve been testing the ability to create directories and copy files to your SAFE storage mounted as a SAFE Drive and so far it is going well!

  • using mock network, copied a 129M .git directory tree to a SAFE network directory, then did a file by file comparison with no differences

  • then did a commit on the original, repeated the compare, and those changes showed up

The adventurous can try this before it is released, see the topic below for more (or visit the github repo). The features referred to in this post are available in the development branch.


Thank you for all your work on this, Mark. I see SAFE Drive as one of the truly essential features of the network.
I look forward to testing this again soon - once I can actually access Alpha 2 again…


Hello happybeing,

If you are still willing to test the SAFE storage on Mac I am interested.
I would need instructions by email or through the forum though as I am very busy all day and can only try this at night (from 22:00 to 01:00 Paris time).

Thank you,



By all means yes, please have a go. We have, or rather @stout77 and @joshuef have made some progress, but it still needs help to get over the finish line.

You can see much of what’s needed and where we are on the following topic in the Dev forum. If you can follow that, great, but post there if you get stuck and help will be along:


Many thanks to @JPL for jumping in to help test the latest features before I inflict them on a wider public (he’s found two bugs already!) but how’s about putting him out of a job?

Not quite AI, but a lot of what he’s been doing could be automated to create a set of tests (regression tests) that can be run from a command line script.

If anyone fancies setting this up, or helping out by writing some of the tests let us know. Even small amounts of your time can be useful, such as writing a single test, and it needn’t be very technical once the framework is set up.

This would involve setting up the framework using something like BATS and then for one or more people to write the individual tests, or small groups of tests (so even a small contribution will help). I might do it myself, but if anyone is interested I could stay focused on the code, adding the last few features and fixing bugs.

See this post:


I made a big breakthrough this week with SAFE Drive and want want to give an update and a request for more help testing now it can do useful stuff.

So what’s the big deal?

  • file stuff: Well, we can do lots of normal stuff with files and folders, although with some limitations. So you can make directories save files and, wait for it, get them back!

  • decentralised github: You can create a git repo on SAFE, clone it, make local changes and push them back. At least in theory, I’ve tested all the parts of this but not actually used the live network to publish a git repo to somebody else, and have them submit their changes back. So who wants to be the first to try a decentralised SAFE github replacement?

  • decentralised dropbox: you can copy whole directory trees to and from SAFE using rsync (or cp etc) and use it to keep a backup on SAFE, or to keep local directories and files in sync with a copy on SAFE. You can also share those files with others, see next.

  • share public files: if you have uploaded files to a public folder that is accessible using one of your public names, anybody can use SAFE Drive to access those files. To see and browse files at a public name that you know exists, SAFE Drive shows them when you access ~/SAFE/_webMounts/publicName where ‘publicName’ is a public name belonging to anyone) or if you have a subName (service) as well, at ~/SAFE/_webMounts/subName.publicName

    So, in Linux for example, you can see the files for the website safe://cat.ashi with the command:

    ls ~/SAFE/_webMounts/cat.ashi

I have not yet created a packaged build, but anyone can try all this - and it would help a lot if you would :wink: - if you are willing to install node and run it from the command line, with hand holding from myself and others if needed.

The reason is that the above works, fairly well, in the ways that @JPL and I have been able to test. But if SAFE Drive is to be any use at all it has to be rock solid, and not just work 99.9% of the time. So we need more people trying more things, to find what does not work when you do x followed by y followed by z on a wet Tuesday morning. Even one more person saving a few files from a different machine helps, so don’t think you aren’t helping if you can only spend a small amount of time. This is one of those things where more people doing even simple things can help a lot because we all have different setups, and will do things a bit differently than others.

We’ve all seen the value of this with testing the alpha network and it is exactly the same with SAFE Drive.

@JPL has been doing this to help me test things recently, and it is a great help, as well as encouraging and supportive, believe me. Not to leave out all the others who have had a go as well. I’m very grateful to everyone who has had a hand in testing so far. Thank you all very much.

So if you fancy helping, please sign up to the Dev forum, reply to the following post and we’ll get you started. And if any devs want to help others get going, rather than do testing yourself then that would also be a great help because if you read the post below, you can see I’m running out of steam here. At least for a bit.

Basically, we need to find out what doesn’t work yet, and so need as many people as possible to try different apps, different ways of messing with files and folders, and to make a big list of what doesn’t work. Or maybe it will be a small list! I wish :grinning:

NEW - a post to get you started

If you want to dive in and help with testing, or just want to try SAFE Drive out privately I’ve written a short post to get you started (also see how you can try it out on MacOS and Windows):



I’m very excited. Thank you for your hard work.


One man on a boat and a ton of insight. It is like watching a new nebula forming. Great stuff, truly great stuff and fun, the most important part, it’s fun that can potentially help millions of people. They may never know, but these are the things that will change lives and do so quietly and without need for accolades, but we know so we can say thank you Mark :beers: have one on us and wet that dry dock :+1:


Huge props to you @happybeing I’m constantly telling people THIS is the most important community project and I mean it whole heartedly, and also to you @JPL I’ve seen you put in so much effort into constantly learning, whether it’s on the solid forum, or helping Mark with testing on the dev forum. Great effort from both of you. We’re a lucky lot to have you fellas!


If you want to dive in and help with testing, or just want to try SAFE Drive out privately I’ve written a short post to get you started (also see how you can try it out on MacOS and Windows):


Nice to see yah doing some serious heavy dev lifting on some tools and ideas that will make the launch of SafeNet awesome. Would love to help dev some if I get spare time, but lately job work consumes my everything :confused: . Anyways cheers, maybe by network launch time these things can be hardened and very reliable, get a few really good web designers to build the UI Safe site for these apps and we can be off to the races with some really visually appealing and demo’able SAFE sites running on the network. Would make for some great promotion tools.


Amazing work @happybeing. I should hopefully have time during thanksgivings day tomorrow to test it out. Very excited. Safe Drive will help many projects


Super effort @happybeing :star_struck: !!

Will be watching this space.


The Future

I won’t be able to continue this level of effort much longer, and had some (good) news yesterday that puts some time limits on this.

So I’m really keen to help anyone who might be interested in getting into the code, or various other ways of working directly on SAFE Drive and/or SafenetworkJs, which it relies on. This might be around testing, documentation, writing some scripts, writing a how to article etc.

Many different things really, so not just for coders, and if anyone wants to learn a bit of code I will help.

I will also not just disappear! I love doing this stuff and this code will be much easier for me to understand and modify than somebody else, because I wrote it. So I’ll still be working on it, or helping others doing what they are working on.

But there’s a need and an opportunity here, because if it is only me, it will be hard to make this a usable product, and limit how useful it can become.

So enquiries welcome, or just start with helping out a bit and see how that goes. But if anyone fancies getting more involved, the door is open!

Update on ways to help

Things are going well as noted in this week’s SAFE Dev update

For anyone who has a little time to try it out, or help explore ideas for how to use it, such as decentralised github or Dropbox, please see the following post for ideas and how to get involved:


Hey guys looking for responses here.

In terms of Safe Drive, we obviously don’t see it as being “hosted” on the Safe Network. So what word do we use to describe the way Safe Drive is kept on the network?

This is relevant to other projects also.

If the word you think of is not in the list just add it.


  • Hosted
  • Gateway
  • Portal
  • Displayed
  • Animated
  • Swarm/swarming/swarmed
  • Huddle/huddling/huddled
  • Cluster/clustering/clustered

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I think the usual way to describe it would be a virtual drive mounted on your operating system of choice.


Yea, its a mounted drive, like but better than a USB drive that a lot of people use to access more files than their 128GB or 200GB laptop gives them.


Linked makes sense to me. It isn’t on your PC nor is it in a central location.

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SAFE Drive is one of the services on the SAFE Network. Acting as a drive can be a service of the network.


I am for mounted too. It is good to stick to commonly accepted words. It does so much more, but from the perspective of the end user it is mounted linked virtual drive :stuck_out_tongue:

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