.safe domain title discussion

I’m sorry would you prefer I use the example of having an agricultural initiative called www.cocksrus.safe and then transfering it to a dildo manufacturer in order to be perfectly equal opurtunity about it all? The example works either way no matter what gender you are. I’m sorry I offended you and was not trying to be sexist in the slightest, nor do I see the example as such. The point is taking a domain from one application and applying it to a completely different application through transfer.

Seriously you go way off the rails when you go into a spiel about women being oppressed and what not as it’s clear I was talking about domain names and not about gender rights or devaluing the sacred feminine. Goddess save me from insane feminists. This is a technical discussion about DNS naming not a political debate about gender equality. And I shouldn’t have to be censored because some country off in the middle east or something has the free speech laws equivilant to the dark ages.

You want to discuss gender rights with me? Cool, I’ll probably be in complete agreement with you on a lot of points, but let’s do it in another thread somewhere. As for the rest of your post honestly I’m not sure what you’re on about at all. You’ll need to clarify.


What are you a choir girl or perhaps a government shrill? What you work in an office somewhere and are used to people being all politically correct? This is the internet and I was using perfectly standard English. Reference to sexuality is not “filthy language” especially in such a vauge example as that as to illistrate a technical scenario. This is not a convent. If you find me to be excessively offensive you can always flag my posts and take it up with the mods but quite frankly I think you’re being entirely unreasonable and considering my rebuttle to your objection has already been liked I’d say others would agree with me. Grow a thicker skin. I was not being explicit and I was not using profanity. I’d hardly call that “filthy language”.

Agreed but this is not the place for that discussion. Start a new topic for it and ask away.

Such as? Give examples. Again start a new topic.

Then I suggest those people either learn how to code themselves or suck it up.

Welcome to the internet. We’re multicultural like that. Just like I have to put up with your excessive feminism you have to put up with my using undesirable vocabulary. You can make some people happy all of the time and all people happy some of the time but you can’t make everyone happy all of the time.

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Hi, welcome to the forum @cement. :smile:

I have had to move this discussion to a new thread as it wasn’t contributing to the discussion concerning preventing domain name transferring.

You are free to discuss your perspectives as you wish but for everyones understanding it is important that we stay on-topic within each discussion. If you have much to say please start a new thread, we look forward to your perspectives.

Again, welcome.

P.S. I messed up in doing the transfer so @cement your OP is actually at the end of the thread, my apologies, hope that is ok.

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I was contributing. The “domain name transferring” thread arises from a desire to duplicate the web, to make it “better”, from a certain perspective. That perspective is limited, for the same reasons many technical discussions are limited - the behavior limits engagement from a wide audience. I also notice you made this conversation invisible to the wider web, which is priceless.

This forum’s reaction to what is, in every realm I occupy, a perfectly reasonable point, troubling, to say the least. I am no quaking violet. I live in a big, crass city, where offense is delivered and taken with a smile. Any intolerance for gender-based hostility derives less from personal offense and more from a desire to not have our time wasted by people who lack the sophistication necessary to bring a wide vision to a wide world.

If what comes out of this is another, “better” web or dark web, the network will fail on behalf of itself and everyone else. All any government has to do is apply some legal constraint to using it, and the network will become unusable to anyone unwilling to live as a criminal.

Bitcoin is a perfect example. It was obvious to us 5-6 years out that it would fail. That anyone would think the failure has anything to do with the size of the blocks is funny. It was deployed in a way that required hype and speculation in order for adoption to spread, attempted to do nothing more than what was already being done, and begged for regulation that is certainly going to get in the way of experimentation with virtual currencies. The world can’t afford the tech communities’ screw-ups. Maybe you don’t have time to reach out to different creative communities at this point, but you can make sure your place of discussion isn’t hostile in the ways technical communities consistently are.

This incident has caused a group of enthusiasts to lose almost all faith in your community’s stewardship of your own project. We think we have to work against MaidSafe, and faster, in order to prevent another technology from going to waste (or worse). Nine years in, this community ought to be more mature.

I am not coming back. Please delete all of my posts and my account.

hi @cement,

Your post was off-topic and moderators decided to move the discussion between @Blindsite2k and you to a new topic. Nothing more than that, I hope you want to stay because although we think your post was off-topic, I read it took some time to make your first post here and of course it has value.

Please notice you’ve only received a response from one person, he’s not the whole community.

Not sure what your reason is to write this entire technology and community down after one ‘incident’ what isn’t really an incident in my opinion.

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