SAFE DevCon 2018!



I took a day off to watch the stream. Not a huge fan of conferences and meetings and millions of empty water bottles, but I actually enjoy this.


There you go, two new Asian exchanges on the way, no names just yet but lower key…so stop asking re Binance ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great video! Very easy to understand. Love it


What a gentleman! 20 20 20


@happybeing is taking questions following his SAFE DevCon video on this thread: Q&A for DevCon talk Supercharging the SAFE Network with Project Solid


the easter egg :wink:


waaa excellent !! good stuff for the break!


And it’s live again. @Joseph_Meagher talking right now.


Great talk @Joseph_Meagher!


Great one @Joseph_Meagher hope to see you soon man!


Team Decorum with @bzee and @Seneca


Thanks for joining us everyone!


Big thanks to the Maidsafe team for making this all possible. It was also great to see some community members there, some interesting projects. Really looking forward to seeing future development. Cheers guys!


Thanks everyone for making this an awesome DevCon! :slight_smile:

From me thanks very much @dugcampbell and @SarahPentland for helping me get my video presentation together (with all the wrong kit to hand here :wink:).

Wallsafe (Web + Wallet + Safe network)

I look forward for the talks videos, youtube has been throttling me during the streaming so I could hardly get half what ppl said ! It seems to have been a nice meeting anyways :slight_smile:


Good work all involved. I was flitting in and out (had to work :frowning_face:) was very impressed with what I saw. Hope you can sort the sound out for the final videos. That was my only moan.


Cheers all! Missed the first part but will review as soon as it’s available.

It’s really good to put faces to some of the great folks we’ve been interacting with for years.

The progress is encouraging.


Awesome Devcoin!

When i replay the Devcon, i miss the part when David spoke?

edit: Devcon…


Thanks for all your hard work in getting the video sorted out for DevCon @happybeing, really appreciate it :slight_smile:


0:06:45-1:11:15 for ~1 hour.