Safe days coming

safecoin will rise soon , coz of the technology beyond , i think we should support this great work to be so real and easy to achieve a big Community . good luck


Is a safecoin something like a Bitcoin?

Yes and no.

  1. Currently MaidSafeCoin is a blockchain style coin.

  2. SAFEcoin once released will not be a blockchain coin.

  3. MaidSafeCoin can be swapped for SAFEcoin 1 to 1 once SAFEcoin is released

  4. SAFEcoin has utility value as it is needed to upload data to the SAFENETWORK

  5. Many many more differences, but this is a decent start at a basic level.


safe is more intersting than bitcoin , it’s a technology based on a global protection of data used by all safe Community .

1- yes
2- no
3- no
4- yes
5- yes

completely different foundation :slight_smile:

but both permissionless decentralized coin (at least bitcoin started out decentralized ; ) that want to make the world a better place =)

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2 and 3 are both correct statements. Not sure why u say no

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simple it’s my point of view the project is still in the bigning

Do you have any basis for your (factually incorrect) point of view?