SAFE Crossroads Podcast Reboot?

Hello everyone and especially @fergish!

I loved listening to the SAFE Crossroads podcast on the go and learning about the SAFE Network back in 2016, when I first discovered the project – are there any plans to revive/reboot the series?

There have been substantial changes and updates to the ecosystem, the information in the original edition is almost misleading :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed (no pun intended) and all the best in 2022 to all of you, my friends!


Absolutely. I have many ideas for this but I cannot speak the language as it pertains to the deep stuff. I will finance it and support it if we can get somebody who can.


Yes please!!


Guess it’s about time to get serious with a reboot. Thanks for the nudge.

@feinberg, PM me so we can talk about your ideas.

Much has changed, indeed, and so I have some catching up to do to make a good show of it, but I’m excited to get back in the game. Anyone who has input is welcome to PM me. I’ll start stringing the connections needed to get it going.


That’s so true.

And the documentation as in, the Safe Network Primer, etc. So much better, though some surprizing things are still changing.

Anyone who want’s to join the huddle about best new approaches would be welcome.

What do you guys want in a regular treatment on Safe, and what do you think would be valuable for involving others?

The Simpleton persona is as true as ever in terms of comparative tech sophistication, but should I continue to use is as a hook? Interested in whether some might consider it to be trite (not that a true simpleton’s arrogance won’t bully the point anyway :wink:).


I’d drop the simpleton thing TBH. I’m sure you can find another way of saying you will ask basic-level Qs to try to help us all gain some understanding of the complex tech. And all the matters arising from that tech.


John, great to hear you would consider a reboot!

I too will put some quality time into studying the latest documentation available on, maybe even listen to the original series again to refresh my memory and possibly remember some of the questions that came up back then. I did take notes but have moved between continents since and they’re “lost in translation” I am afraid.

I’ll be happy to ping you as soon as I have something concise available :slight_smile:



The Primer is fabulous, too. I went through the whole thing and part of last night. So much progress and clarity on the project!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Things that seem to have been reworked extensively but not explained too extensively:

  • Every week I hear about DBCs but don’t hear about how they can be used from a practical point and click standpoint. I saw a wonderful work up once that showed a lot of potential but only half made sense. Also as DBCs connect to numerous other SAFE functions now those features and connections also need to be explained. DBCs aren’t just “printable tokens” but are also a key feature in how the network functions aparantly.
  • Can you have a segment on your show that translates the weekly updates into meaningful progress reports as to how much closer we are to launch? Because half of it these days seems to be patting people on the back and the other half seems to be updates on bits of code that go totally unexplained. All I want is a “we advanced x% forward towards our goal because of y” or “we lost -x% progress because of y” and in either case it will take z approximate amount of time to reach goal. I don’t care if that time is until 2025 or 2050 for that matter (though I hope I’m not dead by the time the SAFE network launches) but I would really like to know if we’re moving forward or backward in clear and concise language and why that is. You know: This, this and this happened and this is what it means in plain language and what the implications are in like 5 minutes, maybe 10 if it’s really important. Devs seem to get really excited but the rest of us are still waiting for something to happen. That kind of thing makes me think there’s an educational gap involved that needs to be bridged. Hence a segment on the podcast.
  • As it stands how does the system work? I used to know how to system worked but now… not really. Not after all the “improvements” that have been made. Yeah that needs a few episodes all to itself I think.

Will this also be on youtube?