SAFE Crossroads Podcast, Ep15, Getting Technical, with Ben Bollen

Sorry I’m late folks, but it was worth it.

Thanks, @BenMS


Wasn’t expecting an episode! Yippee! Listening now. If John Barrett tells you my B-string is flat don’t believe him! Haha of course he’s just joking. So far so good @fergish I’ll be in touch


Thanks @fergish going to listen to it this evening :smile:

Edit: I can’t seem to download this episode in MP3 format. It worked for all the other episodes. Is this on purpose?

Sorry. Fixed now. :relaxed:

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Yeah I just noticed, thanks :smiley:

youtube-dl FTW. Thanks @fergish. BTW, you were great company for my roadtrip to Philly for FOSSCon 2015 a couple weeks ago.

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Glad you had me along!!

How was FOSSCon?

Also, I don’t follow “youtube-dl FTW.”

Another brilliant podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you! :raised_hands:

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FTW = for the win

youtube-dl downloads vids from sites such as vine/youtube/soundcloud from the command line. All you have to do is specify the url. Just a neat little program.

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I prefer for youtube videos or converting them to MP3 (make sure you use an add blocker :smile:). Tried youtube-dl in the past though and that works good as well.

Podcast was great, but will have to listen a few more times to get everything discussed in it :grin:

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Yes, I’ve had to listen to it more myself. There are a lot of ripples that spread from this stuff.