SAFE Crossroads Podcast #8, Forum member gives perspectives on Africa

Perspectives on Africa, Nhail Majok
Thanks, @nhial for your time and input.


Inspiring interview >> with every step we advance

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Hi, @nhial!

So nice to hear a South Sudanese talking about such an amazing project. I have just recently spent 21 Months between Juba, Bor, Pibor and Bentiu. I don’t think anyone can realize what you must have been through. You are a really strong and resilient person!


Just wanted to welcome @nhial to the forum, it was nice to hear your perspective. Great show once again John!


thanks guys, just had my first baby this week. So a bit slow responding.


congratulations! Your life will never be the same :wink:


Congrats! Sleep every chance you get! Very exciting times :relaxed:


I am a dedicated listener of weekly podcast/shoutcasts of my favourite electronic producers for over a decade. Well all of that goes out the window when a new SAFE Crossroads comes out. I have very quickly become dependant on the soothing rational voice of our local not so Simpleton @fergish

I hope I get to listen to new interviews for years to come. I can not thank you enough for your contribution. I love the “tip altcoin” option via I just sent some MAID your way. Let me know if there is an even better way to send some love. :wink:

edit: I found this page will send some love there too!


Incredible. Thank you. I’ll keep it up as long as I can. Donations such as yours do really help.


I am baaack :slight_smile: albeit with a little noisy house mate. So amazing. Anyway, gmason, I am amazed you actually spent that much time in South Sudan. We should catch up sometime, i want to hear what took you there and what your thoughts are…

Can you believe it I was there in december 2013, back when the civil unrest happened :wink: was locked up in my hotel for 3 days, all I could read was bitcointalk via my mobile phone e.t.c… and Stayed away from windows in case of stray bullets. I honestly was really lucky, it could have been worse like it was for alot of people in those weeks.

You should have heard me swear, of all the rotten holidays… that I could have chosen… but glad my whole family was ok. John thanks for a great catch up and chat - keep doing what you are doing.


I was in Juba on the 16th of December 13!

It was a terrible time. Have you been in the North during this time?

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sent some btc love your way man. Keep up the great work for project safe.


Holy sh!!t really. Man we must have walked past each other at some point if you were in Juba then, what a small world. Did you get flown out by any of the airforce on the 4th and/or 5th day of that week when the whole gunfire kind of cooled off during teh day…

I have not made it to the North ever since I was born… although my wife was there in 2007. Half of her family is from there and the rest from the South. My parents did at some point, since my mother finished her schooling there before teh war broke out again in the 80s. Glad you made it out ok.

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I was there the whole time. I am trying to get to you via google hangout and skype.

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ok hangout is faster, since I have not seen a skype request.

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