SAFE Crossroads Podcast #52, SAFE Network Fundamentals, Part 2, with David Irvine and Viv Rajkumar



Yes, we have a kind of instinctive “ontological misconception” about our self. We naturally take it to be real in a similar way that material things are. But actually it doesn’t have material existence, self is a fiction. To say it is a fiction does not mean that it does not exist, but that it exists only as a fiction.

Here is a good lecture about the power of fiction, and how it is actually our capability to fiction that enables humas to run the world:


Mr John @fergish it would be great if you can tag your YouTube videos better with #MaidSafe or anything like that. They are undoubtedly some of the best content on the project with really insightful interviews from the core people themselves, and it’s a shame to see your videos get 10-20 views and be over shadowed by the 10k-20k stupid pumpy “catch this coin” type of videos like below (mainly the bottom one I think) from crypto communities. Right now it seems like the only way to find yours is if people already know about it, and literally have to search for the term “Safecrossroads.” People pay attention to MaidSafe on all platforms and it would be great to have perhaps better images on yours and better tags, to tap into that.

Perhaps adding the SAFE Network / MaidSafe colours or logo somewhere on these thumbnails would make it more recognisable for people too:


Thanks, Will. I could definitely do more on this, and probably other areas.

I could use some help figuring out how to optimize youtube and the rest. I’m truly inept at it.

Anyone with expertise who’d like to help, feel free to send a PM and we can work something out.


I’ll send you a couple of links @fergish


Admit it, you have been advising (what’s left of) The Labour Party in Scotland*

*The answer to the above is, of course, the vast majority of Scots.

At his difficult time for myself and my family, in accordance with accepted procedures I am now referring myself to the Parliamentary Committee for Off-topicosity.


When I click the link to Episode 51, it takes me to (seemingly) correct URL,

But the title and soundcloud file still refer to Episode 52… can anyone else access Ep51?


Yep. I had a mistake in my github file where I serve the website. fixed now.