SAFE Crossroads Podcast #51, SAFE Network Fundamentals, Part 1, with David Irvine and Viv Rajkumar



Thanks @dirvine and @Viv. It was a wandering wonder. Or was it a wondering wander? Either way, it was enjoyable, and hopefully useful to all.

SAFE Network Dev Update - February 7, 2019

I may have caused others to wonder if this was recorded in the buck due to my dev update comment :joy:

Can’t wait to give a listen tomorrow morn!


The origin of the idea for SAFE from eboxit? Is it? That starts to sound like vaults communicating in a p2p fashion, was really eye opening. It really does show the idea coming from pure networking logic. Still listening but thanks for sharing that @dirvine


Fantastic podcast! Great to hear David talking about the origins of the concepts and Viv shedding more light on the details. It all just feels so right.

I can’t wait for the future alpha and beta networks becoming reality and hearing the minds blowing all around us! :exploding_head:


Great listen @fergish! Cant wait for part 2


More than 3,000 page views for this now according to the counter on the linked site. Not too shabby at all.


Nice, can’t miss a single one of these! Keep it up @fergish!