SAFE Crossroads Podcast #44, PARSEC Consensus Code Release, with Bartłomiej Kamiński



I really enjoyed this. Hope you do, too.

Thanks @bart !

SAFE Network Dev Update - July 19, 2018

Along with the SAFE Primer, SAFE Crossroads Podcast is my favorite community resource. Where else would we get to hear from our great community and one on one interviews with team members from Maidsafe?! Haven’t listened yet but thanks again John, really excited to hear from Bart this time around! :smiley:


Great podcast @fergish @bart - enjoyed listening to this on the journey in this morning :+1:


Indeed, great podcast @fergish and @bart. I like how you covered a wide range of topics from “what is programming?” to the nitty-gritty of PARSEC and remained clear and accessible all along. Great fun listening :smiley:


I loved listening on the way home. Well done :slight_smile:


You’re probably biased because it’s you were music I use for the show! :wink:


I promise it’s not :yum:


Nice, is it possible to publish it on youtube as well?



Yes. Thought I had it arranged to post automatically when I publish on Libsyn. I need to debug it and am sure it will work later.

SAFE Network Dev Update - July 19, 2018

It’s up now.