SAFE Crossroads Podcast #41 - App Devs Jump In, with Shane Armstrong

I enjoyed this. I hope you all do as well.

Thanks, Shane. :sunglasses:


I’ve just send you some :money_mouth_face: @fergish keep up the good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to sound silly, but @shane is really #1 on my favorite dev list, simply because he makes coding videos. He had over 300 views on Twitch, secretly I’m also hoping that one day he’ll create a codecademy course showing a complete development of a SAFE Network app. :vulcan_salute: If you do that @shane I’ll pay you $1000.


Ha, thanks for that!

I’ll be doing more streams by the way, I’m planning one after work on Thursday (GMT).

It was a lot of fun taking part in the podcast and it was nice to meet you @fergish, it’s a shame you won’t be at the DevCon, but another time! :slight_smile:


I mean what I say about the $1000, if you make a complete course from start to finish showing how to create an SAFE Network app, that money is yours. You could also release on platforms like and potentially get paid for it. I’ve been ranting about this like a madman forever, so to finally see somebody come along that creates video’s, gets me pretty exciting to be honest.

Keep up the good work. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not really working on SAFE Network stuff for financial gain, that $1,000 could be spent on something far better - however I’ll have a think about doing something similar for free, or rather, having @AndyAlban work on something similar. I agree, it’d be a useful tool for people. :slight_smile:


Oh very good! Looking forward to this!


Great getting to know you, @Shane! Nice podcast episode!

@fergish, your voice volume was a little inconsistent during the interview, especially in the beginning…

Thanks for doing these!


Thanks @fergish great podcast!

Happy you are now sponsored. I would love to hear a more technical one from an engineers perspective.

Keep up the good work!


Another great one @fergish! @Shane I think it’s really something you came into this community swinging and in my opinion you’ve knocked it out of the park with SafeCMS and the upcoming web crawler. It makes perfect sense to tackle content creation and then content discovery, excellent play. My post seems to have a bunch of sports innuendo for some reason… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also as soon as you brought up equifax I was like YES!!! I rant about how I never gave them my personal information or my SS# all the time and yet they have it and don’t even secure it properly, makes me crazy. Anyways, great interview and keep up the great work!


Listened on the way home (in the snow!) and it was a great podcast! That you both for putting it together!


Thanks @fergish and @Shane a very enjoyable, informative and inspiring episode.

Plenty of insight and example to interest and encourage developers to ‘jump in’ and get building applications for the first truly autonomous network! :smile: