SAFE Crossroads Podcast #40, The SAFE Network Primer



Thanks @polpolrene and @JPL for your work and the interview. It was fun.


Great episode @fergish, @polpolrene, and @JPL! All of you are so well spoken. Great assets to the community and the cause.


Super job @fergish !! … I am also super envious of your sound quality. Send me some tips brother! :wink:


I recently discovered This whole show was recorded in a browser (Chrome–Brave will also work), with separate channels for each person. The audio is recorded locally on each participant’s machine and streamed to the server separately. After complete, just download the files and you’re off.

Takes a bit of getting used to and developing trust in it, but it really is great quality. I even recorded my intro on it rather than trying to do it on Audacity as I usually do. Didn’t need to run it through a leveler program to get the amplitude up and leveled. Pretty cool. I’ll likely be using it a lot from now on, except when recording in person, of course.

I was a bit shy of it at first, but I’m getting used to it.

If you use it and like it, throw the developer some financial love. It’s open-source and he’s developing and putting it out for free.

EDIT TO ADD: The other thing about it is that it’s recorded in a weird file type (.webm) that needs to be converted to run in Audacity. I use fre:ac ( This takes a bit to figure out, but works great once you sort it out.

If you need help, contact me via PM and I’ll share anything else I know how to.

I share this discovery with @frabrunelle who pointed me to these tools to begin with. Took me a bit to sort them out and gain confidence, but your praise is proof of worth.


wow, that’s a cool tool, I will give it a try tomorrow. I will merge it together with the video using openshot - it will take those audio file formats I think.


Not sure what you’re talking about here. What video?


I record video of my screen for Safe Crypto Show.


Nice work John. It’s really cool tech indeed. And thanks for having us of course :+1:.


Really good job guys!
@fergish congratulations! Great podcast and brilliant voice


Congratulations on the new and very well deserved sponsorship @fergish
Does this mean we will be hearing from you on a more regular basis again? Hoping so!


Yeah @fergish great to see that you got some sponsorship, can’t wait for you to get overloaded with like 10 sponsorships (hihihihihi).

Hopefully they don’t forget to donate a little to @Nigel for his fun music.

Keep up the good and bravo @polpolrene & @JPL :stuck_out_tongue: :vulcan_salute:


That’s thoughtful Ed and I appreciate it but it wouldn’t be necessary. I do music for fun and at no cost so I’m happy to contribute that freely :slight_smile:


Great podcast! Thanks again guys!


When I tip, I experience it like fun.




So I’m guessing MaidSafeCoin is tipping money from Gandalf the Grey, Safecoin will be from Gandalf the White (and Bitcoin comes from the wasteful Saruman) :wink: