SAFE Crossroads Podcast #39, More on SAFE Apps, with Gabriel Viganotti

The SAFE Network is a huge software infrastructure project which is currently in Alpha 2, a network of distributed nodes, hosted on cloud servers for MaidSafe as the many intricacies of the architecture are fine tuned. A future iteration will return to nodes hosted by external participants at home, but Alpha 2 exposes a stable set of interfaces which developers can use learn how the network functions and how to build applications for it.

Today we talk with Gabriel Viganotti of Cordoba, Argentina, who is both an independent developer working on apps to run on the SAFE Network, and also a contractor with MaidSafe, working on front-end development.


Music for this episode: Safe Crossroads Beta, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


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Oh man I can’t wait to listen to this! Gabriel is one helluva guy. Glad to have been around to witness him rise into the ranks. Proud of you brother! Keep em’ coming John great to have these rolling again :slight_smile:


Thank you for these great podcasts. Love listening to it in the car on my long drives home, will be doing so in a couple of hours. Keep up the good work!


Another superb podcast. Thanks John and Gabriel. You both rock! :slight_smile:


Great interview @fergish and @bochaco. Listening while waiting for the weekly update :+1:.


Thanks 0.00097204BTC@fergish

@bochaco Imagine if the SAFE wallet is open and I’m on a forum on the SAFE Network, it would be nice if I just type 10TC@bochaco and you received 10 Thankscoins or whatever other SAFE Network token. This is just a silly feature request, it would also be fun if you just type @ and you saw a list of friends and family like so
keep up the good work and thanks


I wonder who the idiot was who confused @bochaco’s Thankscoins with another coin…? :blush:

Anyway, moving swiftly on… as I was listening to @fergish was talking about data security something popped into my head. With EU GDPR just around the corner, a lot of companies are starting to pay lip service to the fact that personal data should ‘belong to the individual’ - which is the core tenet of GDPR. Good, but how do you guarantee that?

Personal data is not like a bike. I know where my bike is, I keep it locked up and I know immediately if someone has stolen it or tampered with it. In most organisations our personal data is spread across servers, in various databases and spreadsheets, in the cloud, replicated in archives - basically it’s all over the place, maybe in thousands of different locations and it’s instantly replicable, so how can we ‘own’ it or being sure what’s being done with it? Sure, companies talk about audit trails, encryption, deduplication, pen testing, ediscovery, consent etc, but how do I as an individual know whether to trust them? I’m sure Equifax and Yahoo gave similar assurances in the past.

That’s why I like the idea of personal data stores like @bochaco’s wallet and also the idea of the personal information market. Rather than our personal data being harvested, sold on and used in ways we can’t understand or control, we should be able to vet access to that data and license it to interested parties on the basis of ‘what’s in it for me?’

The idea has been around for a while but has yet to gain much traction. Perhaps it’s just waiting for a truly trustworthy platform to be in place.


Thanks, @19eddyjohn75. You always set a good example!


Is your address on here @fergish?

It’s under “Contribute” at

But it’s 1C5ybJhszRA3Nm72kjEwBq4xbDCrfrLBeo , to shorten your search. :sunglasses:


Sent you some love brother man :sunny: