SAFE Crossroads podcast #37, SAFE Network Alpha 2, with Mobile




Oh fuuuuuuuudge yessss. Unfortunately I’ll have to listen in the morning :confounded: the pain of waiting! Well worth it I’m sure though, can’t wait to listen John.


Your a credit to yourself and the community @fergish, listening now in the car :clap::clap:

Edit: This should be listened to by every new forum member, so much FUD would disappear instantly :+1:


Another great podcast @fergish (and @nicklambert)! Share widely people :slight_smile:


Very good. Brings out three key points for me:

  1. That the reason it has been so long in the making is that it is being built from the ground up, unlike other projects in this space which are built on blockchain.
  2. That blockchains are not the answer to the data security issues facing us all (by the way 2017 has already far exceeded 2016 for lost/stolen data records, and 2016 was the previous holder of theat record by some distance)
  3. That the market doesn’t yet understand the differentiator between fully autonomous and blockchain based.


Thanks @fergish (I’ve send a 0.0022861 BTC to bark @ ya :rofl: ) & @nicklambert for another great one :kissing_heart:


Thanks, my friend. :+1:


This is great! Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Really great episode—thanks as always, fergish. Did I hear right that you’re thinking of making more frequent episodes relating to MaidSafe? You’re earlier podcasts were one of the main things that got me into the project.


@fergish listened to this today, John. Love your style and great interview with @nicklambert. Keep up the good work!


Good job dude! /impressed as always


Excellent, thank you! I’ll listen now!