SAFE Crossroads Podcast #35, Viv Rajkumar, CTO MaidSafe



And I want to add a thanks to @fergish - you got me hip to maid in the first place by these podcasts :slight_smile:


haha that’d turn into a bore fest prolly and nobody is prolly gonna want to hear me explain that lol. Actually liked keeping it brief and covering the relevant points as we tend to get caught in particulars for wayyy too long at times :smiley:


hehe good point. Maybe if @fergish would not have rained you in, it would indeed turn into a nerd fest :slight_smile: And ill complain that it was too technical :)) Thanks again both for amazing work on two sides of the maid spectrum.


Yes I definitely don’t like when that happens @fergish , thanks so much for all you do with the podcast, but I always cringe so painfully when you do this.

Your audience isn’t full of people who don’t know what computers are lol :stuck_out_tongue: your audience is actually very intelligent people who are following a cutting edge distributed internet project, so in the rare times we are allowed to actually hear from the core team, please don’t cut them off! We want to hear what they say, that’s why we listen to the podcast.

Don’t mean to be harsh, and again thanks for all you do, but it’s been making me cringe super hard every time I listen to these. We’re all allowed our opinions yeah? :slight_smile:


My opinion is if newcomers don’t fully understand… start at episode 1. No need to “dumb it down too much” in current and future podcasts.
I will echo the sentiment that we all appreciate the huge effort Mr Ferguson commits!!

If you start at 1 by 35 an fairly in depth conversation should be within easy grasp.
But to be fair I am sure as much as John loves all things SAFE a broader audience contributes to food on the table :wink: and I certainly continue to learn from his good work!


Yes this is so very true. Perfect


Thanks for the critique, guys. I’ll listen over with that in mind and try to please everybody, as best possible.

It’s always a dance to try and bring as many as possible along for the ride while still covering the ground.


FWIW @fergish I thought your interventions were mostly just right, pausing to clarify terminology or to recap. There was one point (sorry don’t remember now) where I felt Viv was going to say something more and you stopped him concluding a point which then seemed to be lost, but for the rest of the time I thought your interventions helped rather than hindered. This was because without the interplay my mind tended to drift off and not follow and then I’d realise I had missed something I might have been interested in.


But again, we can’t thank you enough for making these Mr @fergish ! You have a great voice for radio and I’m always so happy when a new one is posted :slight_smile:


@fergish, great podcast as always.

I can see what people are saying about a train of thought being lost when something is/has to be clarified. Its a tough call as to when or if something needs clarification so as to be all inclusive. I thought you did well considering the content.

I too would have loved a deeper dive into it, but there aren’t enough hours in one day to dive too deep.

Couple of questions. Can you add text to the soundcloud listing? In other words add a glossary and/or list of explanations for terms/concepts touched on. That way a lot of the points of clarification would not be needed in the actual podcast, although some are good so as not too lose too many people listening and/or to explore another area.

Also can you “edit” the podcast or is it meant to be a continuous interview? I ask because some of these points of clarification could be asked after the normal podcast and edited into a “beginners” edition.


How about getting feedback from the community about who they want to hear from and on what topics? Then do 15 minute spotlights.You will never please everyone. :smiley:


@fergish is so quick he has done it already :slight_smile:


It already takes me a lot of time to do what I do. As far as I can tell, few people look at show notes, especially for something like that.

I know a lot of you guys are old hands and might consider the clarifications a distraction, but even if everybody who is on this forum listens, there are at least that many again who aren’t as grooved in the network as forum listeners, not to mention you elites.:wink:

I strike the balance my gut tell me to.


Fair enough. Thanks for the answers.

I thought you did a great job at this.[quote=“neo, post:30, topic:12379”]
I thought you did well considering the content.