SAFE Crossroads Podcast #35, Viv Rajkumar, CTO MaidSafe



It was a real pleasure to have a good talk with Viv, and I think all here will enjoy it as well. Thanks, Viv.

Inquiry about Test 12

Can’t wait to listen oddly enough I’ve never heard Viv speak!!! :smile:


Was a great and informative talk!


Enlightened, thanks @fergish & @Viv :sunglasses:


Really good podcast. Many thanks. Viv, like Fergish, has a great way of getting tech across in a way that’s interesting for tech and non tech folk. He sounds as excited about Safenet development as a schoolboy with a shiny new smartphone. :laughing: Such energy after so many years. Those 2 make a great team. 2017 definitely looking good. :heart_eyes:


Great podcast and perfect timing too!


Great interview. Thanks @Viv and @fergish.


Agreed. Thanks to both! It was really great to hear another voice from the team, especially one with so much enthusiasm and insight into SAFE. I found the beginning part to be especially interesting when @Viv described how the devs have to envisage problem solving like engineers rather than programmers. Because most (all?) of what’s being done, is being done from the first time, Googling a problem and copying code simply isn’t an option.

I’ll need to listen again to absorb all the info.


very inspiring, thank you. whenever I hear anybody from maidsafe talk I get
this feeling that it must be a great place to work at. plus the feeling of doing
something so significant…

part of me is sorry for the stress levels that you must be enduring but
a much bigger party of me actually feels envy of what you are involved in.
keep it up! :slight_smile:


@Viv excellent interview!!! Keep up your amazing work and leadership at maidsafe!


It was great to hear from @Viv … what a team of super stars.


@fergish another great one, donated a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:
@Nigel you’ll get your later bro, omniwallet can’t rapidly spit bitcoins :kissing_heart:


Great interview @Viv, nice to hear your voice. John you’re a natural, thanks for your hard work @fergish.


Thank you for another excellent show!


You’re too kind @19eddyjohn75 thank you sir!


This is what we need. If biweekly or monthly high level developer interviews could be conducted, I see a growing community base as a result of not only the transparency but the depth of developer engagement. I agree strongly that the community is crucial for progress. In that vein we should find new ways to make them/us feel drawn by implicit and explicit appreciation.

Interviews like these allow us to merge what we think we know of the person with the nuances of their behavioral actuality. The impersonal nature of text juxtaposed to the intimacy of sound. Routing being heavily dependent on community participation for testing and analysis is sufficient reason to strongly consider these monthly high level discussions. Surveys of which questions should be asked could be conducted and subsequently used as the foundation for the report.


Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that such could be very good for the community.

If you or anyone else would care to send me such at, I’ll the coordinate with Nick to see who best to discuss such with and then do so in a podcast. I’ll post a separate topic on the point as well to collect questions.


Really excellent overview + some great new info (for me at least). Hoping to see more Crossroads Podcast in near future!


I think we can manage that. See my new post, and you all can help make it happen.


Thanks @fergish and @Viv for awesome interview! Was great to get Viv’s take on everything. At the risk of sounding critical: Sometimes, I feel Viv was interrupted too much - great for newbies that don’t know Maid that much, and I think that is why the interview was like that which is cool, but I sometimes felt like he was going somewhere deeper and then @fergish brought it back so that newbies could understand. Maybe next time, just go with the flow and see how deep we can go! :slight_smile: all love and thanks again for this interview!