SAFE Crossroads Podcast #30 – Decorum and SAFE Altcoins

## Decorum and SAFE Altcoins #### In this Episode Great news about the progress of the SAFE Network and imminent release of a Minimum Viable Product, then an interview with Harmen Klink, the developer of the Decorum (Decentralized forum) protocol, which will enable fully functional and flexible implementations for comments sections, forums, and so forth, on the decentralized SAFE Network. And in this interview, Harmen reveals the secret of fully secure, fully functional, mine-able tokens on SAFE. This is way beyond “just another way to make altcoins.” This is truly a game-changing innovation you’ll want to find out about. #### Magic Word Listen for the magic word, and submit it to your account to claim a share of this week’s listener award distribution of LTBcoin. Listeners now have a full week from the release date to submit a magic word. The magic word for this episode must be submitted by 8 am Pacific Time on March 3, 2016. #### Music Music for this episode: *Arrival,* an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes #### Links - MaidSafe Dev Update 23 Feb 2016 - Decorum Project - On Creating SAFE Altcoins - Safe Exchange - SAFE App Store - SAFE App Store Crowdsale mayhem
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Yessss interviews are back!!

Truly missed hearing them!


I only have full respect for the Decorum project…


Started listening…out of this world. It has begun.


Listened to this (Thanks @fergish) and I’m wondering if you (@Seneca) have the ideas of SAFE Altcoins in a whitepaper or somewhere. I’m very interested in Tokens and how they might be created/used within SAFE. I would love to understand and talk more about your ideas.


I don’t have a white-paper on that topic, but feel free to ask questions or PM me to have a private talk.


Loved the interview!