SAFE Crossroads Podcast #29 – Class X, Graduation Review, All Welcome

Class X, Graduation Review, All Welcome

In this Episode

Come one, come all, to the last planned class of the SAFE Network School.

We do a high-level overview of what we know about the SAFE Network in a way that even parents, friends and family of the proud graduates will be warmed with what they learn, and be proud of those who have worked so hard to get closer to the bare metal of this elegant technology.

Graduates will be reminded of all that they have learned by noting the intricate details that have been artfully avoided in this presentation for broad consumption. This is your graduation test, students.

This is not just rah-rah, either. We take up a few important points which didn’t get proper attention in the class series proper, but should be of interest to everyone.

Thanks to all for attending.

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Music for this episode: SAFE Crossroads, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


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Great end to an amazing series. John, I don’t know many as outstanding as you so I extend my gratitude to you as well for what you are getting out there and the manner in which you conduct it. Thank you, and I promise there will be some tunes coming soon as things are starting to cool off for a little bit on my end. Cheers!


That is delightful news indeed!

I really do appreciate your words, as well. I enjoy what I’m doing here, but it can be a real bear sometimes. :sweat:



What a great way to finish off SAFE school! I have been a huge fan for a while and I can not wait to see what you do next!

Part of my day dream is to hit it big so I can fund a SAFE Crossroads tour across the world. I think the world is ready for Fergulishis fans :grin:



I totally agree with the 2 other commenters. Sir Ferguson you are a hero indeed. Thanks for giving me something to listen to while I’m @ work.

The more you listen the more you understand the SAFE Network and that’s just “Mindblown”:stuck_out_tongue:


These podcasts are great, thank you for taking the time I much enjoyed listening. :smile: