SAFE Crossroads Podcast #27, SAFE School Class VIII, The Parts of the Heart

SAFE Network School, Class VIII, The Parts of the Heart

In this Episode

First off its some Simpleton perspective on the Safe Exchange, followed by answering some listener questions.

Then it’s full bore into Class VIII of the SAFE Network School, examining the key persona types and functions in the Vaults that form the heart of the SAFE Network. This one may be a bit of brain work, but it’s worth it.

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Music for this episode: SAFE Crossroads, an original piece, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes

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Safe Exchange site

SAFE Network Wiki

SAFE Network Glossary

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Vaults conduct farming, sharing information bits and can be set up using a client application to determine how much will be the allocation of resources from the computer.

Recommended reading [*Routing API Documents][1] *subject to change and updates :wink:
The frontline of the things you’ve mentioned and talked about in the podcast.

@fergish many thanks for helping get the word out + also for a great podcast;

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