SAFE Crossroads Podcast #23 | SAFE School, Class VI, Autonomous, Really?

SAFE Network School, Class VI, Autonomous, Really?

In this Episode

In Class VI of SAFE Network School, we round out a deeper view of the remaining component factors necessary to establishing and maintaining the SAFE Network as an autonomous entity.

We’ve come far pilgrims, and through the heaviest going–hopefully–but there is more to come. So take time to really let everything we’ve covered so far sink in. Put in some time going over it all a time or two more, if you can. It will help as you go forward.

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Another great overview. I would be interested to know, now you have delved a good bit, if you see the circle of parts closing to form the big picture?

That has always been the hard part for me as I have said. Holding an audience with all the parts and then closing the circle. There is so many “if”, “but”, “what about” questions that to cover them means a little detail outwith the centre message and forces the viewpoint out on a spoke or tangent and usually with a pretty tough explanation (say include xor, churn or hash etc.) then trying to come back on the circle again to close it.

I hope that makes sense :wink: I am sure it does somehow in some parallel universe :smiley:


Thanks, David.

Interestingly, I got the good mental picture way back, with the complete circle and all. But lack of some of the flesh on the bone, and not knowing enough to be able to describe different aspects, even for myself, made it feel more of a matter of faith than knowledge.

I know we’re still operating at an overview level, but getting it a bit deeper, with more details (how the details interaction over the whole network is really where it comes together) makes it all a lot more real. Funny part is that as it comes together in more detail from the overview level, my faith and confidence in the end result gets more solid, too, at the same time that my appreciation for what I don’t know grows.

I don’t know enough about how others are receiving it (though I do get some good feedback), but for myself, the process of iterating the “detail/overview/detail/overview” approach is certainly helping ME understand more and more.

Glad it seems to be well received, and hope these classes will be tools on into the future, for a while at least.


When is the maidsafe foundation going to give fergish a promotion tour…