SAFE Crossroads #48, A Reintroduction and Update on the SAFE Network, with Dug Campbell




Oh nice surprise! Woot!


Thanks for inviting me back on @fergish - good fun as always! :smile:


Very interesting interview! Did I correctly understand that we would see a new whitepaper tomorrow?

What’s up today?

I didn’t get that @dugcampbell said as much, though he did indicate some stuff coming up soon. Perhaps you read him deeper than I. :wink: We’ll see tomorrow, though.


Hi @dimitar - I’d need to go back and check what I actually said but no, there’s not a new whitepaper planned for release. From memory I think it was more of a general statement about various things coming out on topics like dynamic membership etc pre-Xmas (i.e. we’ve not all gone off on holiday yet :wink: )!