SAFE Crossroads #43, PARSEC - Efficient, Provable Consensus has Arrived, with Pierre Chevalier



MaidSafe Dev Update - May 31, 2018
What? No thread dedicated to PARSEC yet?

Oooohohoho yes!!! Excited to hear from @pierrechevalier83!!!


Sweeet! Been waiting for this.


@pierrechevalier83 is in Paris at rustfest this weekend with @povilasb and @nbaksalyar and if anyone is there we all owe Pierre a massive amount of beer. So Nikita/Povilas you need to do the honours for us in maidsafe, I am sure we will recompense you.

In perspective, Pierre has been a complete godsend for the project and everyone enjoys working (and drinking) with him. The team is really building well and the get-together pre devcon really allowed the team to build together. So have a great rustfest guys and @fergish thanks again for this I hope you enjoyed meeting another one of us :smiley:


Quite welcome. T’was an absolute pleasure to get acquainted with Pierre.


Ooh good! Listening now. Thanks @fergish


Listened now, this was a great overview @fergish and @pierrechevalier83 Really great to get the message to other projects that this will help them. I can see IOTA remove their controller with this and other projects like ByteBall etc. can remove their centralised components now. Never mind the new projects that will now come out of all of this research. As Pierre said this was us standing on the shoulders of giants and looking a bit further. If other projects do this and share freely and critically without point scoring then the world will benefit 100%.

Thanks again


Arg! Just finished for a long weekend and won’t get to commute to your dulcet tones until Tuesday! :slight_smile:


Finished. Nice explanation @pierrechevalier83, I definitely understand it better now, particularly how PARSEC fits in with the other SAFE consensus mechanisms and how the gossip protocol is so efficient. Look forward to the video next week. And that’s an outrageous french accent you have there @fergish :wink:

I think the decision to open source it is really important. Look at how quickly projects like Spark and Kubernetes have gone from the lab to the mainstream. If it’s generally applicable technology that’s not core IP and that’s better than what’s gone before developers should be all over it and that’s when the big changes will happen in all sorts of ways.


Thanks for the interview/discussion @pierrechevalier83 & @fergish. I found it helpful as I hadn’t understood that hashgraph was patented … so PARSEC being open source will undoubtedly be picked up by many projects and that will bring more developers and innovation to PARSEC down the road - hence it seems PARSEC will become a defacto standard solution in most big crypto projects in the future.


Excellent interview (just finished it). Thanks as always @fergish!


I can’t wait to hear it! Thanks for putting this out there for people :slight_smile:


Thanks for another great 1 @fergish, send you some btc’s.

Crystal clear explanation from @pierrechevalier83 great job can’t wait to see the video.