SAFE Crossroads #42, SAFE DevCon 2018 Highlights, with Dug Campbell


Can’t wait to listen tomorrow on my morning commute!


Great work! I loved listening as a fellow simpleton.


That’s my evening commute pod cast sorted! :sunglasses:


Very nice talk about what happened at DevCon18, I also agree about the talks of @Joseph_Meagher and @DaBrown95 , I really enjoyed them, I wish more and more young people like them show up in next DevCon’s, sharing their experience with the SAFE Network and how they see it fitting in with other technologies and ideas their very fresh minds can think of. At the end of the day, it’s them who will really be taking care of our network in the future, and we need them very badly now to help us create what it’s really needed for the future.


Great episode all around!!! Thanks so much @fergish and @dugcampbell for the plugs and very kind words :blush: btw John, you’re timing the intro and outro to the show just perfectly imo. Great episode.

I’d like to add that @Seneca and @bzee had such a great presentation at the DevCon. They’ve done quite a lot and I think Web of Relevance will be a game changer and an essential piece of tech on SAFE. @Joseph_Meagher you are a true inspiration as well! I would personally like to use LDP when cataloging music in future iterations of JAMS, so that’s something else we hope to do, which will all be thanks to Marks hard work.


Thanks @fergish for giving me the chance to recap on the day! Few years back I never imagined I’d get a chance to get on the famous SAFE Crossroads Podcast :grin: Delighted to get the chance to share the stories of SAFE DevCon with a wider audience as there was a lot to take in. We always hoped that the content of the day would be valuable going forwards over a longer timescale - and the work that you continue to do in your podcast is a huge part of that :+1: :bowing_man:


Flattered and honored. Look forward to more in the future, no doubt.


Great pod cast as always, @fergish!