$ safe command base not found in terminal

Followed the guidelines on github in order to build Safe CLI using rustup. Im having difficulty using the safe base command, however, can use cargo commands.

I assume that I am in the correct dir of the safe executable file was built by default. TL-WA850RE:sn_api kanenelson$

Tried to execute a dry run using the safe base command and Im returned with: -bash: safe: command not found

Any idea or help, please? TIA


Assuming Linux,

If you are in the directory in the safe command resides, try ./safe to tell the computer to look in the current directory.

To investigate further look at the output of which safe

If you get no output then your newly compiled safe binary is not in any directory listed in your PATH variable.


Running Unix MacOS. It appears Im not in the directory when trying ./safe

No output is given so I need to configure the PATH variable?


I know little of MacOS, but its basically BSD Unix so very similar to Linux. I think I am reasonably safe in giving these hints.

  1. Where is your safe binary?
  2. Try export PATH=$PATH:

Note that is a colon : after $PATH

Let us know how you get on.
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Oh sorry line 2 should read

Try export PATH=$PATH:insert the full path to your safe binary

I keep forgetting that trying to quote < and > in replies on the forum usually fails cos it confuses the formatting


So I assume my binary file is located ~/.safe/cli/ where the cli folder appears to be empty.

I ran export PATH=$PATH: successfully with no error but nothing returned.

I haven’t used a command line for a number of years so forgive me as brush up.

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Can you please check the output you get when installing with the following command and share any error you see?:

curl -so- https://sn-api.s3.amazonaws.com/install.sh | bash

Yes that was my fault – the advice looked good as I typed it but it missed out the important bit - the extra directory needed to add to the path

but check what @bochaco had to say first.

I got this error

Unpacking Safe CLI to '/Users/<username>/.safe/cli'...
tar: Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format

For some reason install script doesn’t load the cli package. Maybe missing version number from url:
=> Downloading Safe CLI package from 'https://sn-api.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/sn_cli--x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz'...

You can download working cli from Maidsafe git repo here: https://github.com/maidsafe/sn_api/releases/download/v0.16.0/sn_cli-0.16.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz and extract it to /Users/<username>/.safe/cli. After that those safe commands should work.

Also, you might need to open safe executable in cli folder with Finder first time because Mac security features.


This was returned:
Error opening archive: Unrecognized archive format

Thanks for the command @bochaco

@Miguelo I managed to launch the cli shell


Just tested and there does indeed appear to be an issue with the version grep in the install script on macOS - well spotted.
Leave it with me


New install script with updated grep & sed commands, which also work on macOS, now uploaded to S3.

curl -so- https://sn-api.s3.amazonaws.com/install.sh | bash

Should work on macOS now :slight_smile:


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