Safe-CMS - Censorship is a thing of the past


Welcome Andy :slight_smile: And much thanks to @Shane for the great work


This app would be epic! Being able to publish anything you want without worrying about getting judged or penalized in any way is crucial in today’s economy.


Anybody know where @Shane disappeared to ? Is this a dead project? Or is somebody picking it up? Could do with something like this in place when the network launches… :grin: wish I could code.


I’d love to see a community member fork it. It’s open source so it’s only as dead as we let it be but I do think it’s pretty low probability @Shane and @AndyAlban will finish it.

It’d be a great candidate for a community member to hire a dev on to finish. It’s a client side app afaik. I’ll see what it’s coded in etc and maybe leave some details here to pass on to a dev if anyone is interested??

Edit: from a quick glance it looks like mostly JavaScript and then some CSS for front end and a mention of Python for developing/building from scratch (which I believe is referring to this). I thought I remember seeing something about React in this thread too so I’ll look for that but this would be easy peasy I bet. Surprised no one has taken this all the way to home base yet.


I’m totally down to take the torch and run with it. That being said, I’ve never worked on an open source project, so it feels a little like I’m in the deep end.

If I could get some direction that’d be awesome. In @Shane’s last update he mentioned rebuilding “the app from the ground up by changing the user journey (selecting a domain, then acting within that domain, instead of constantly having to re-select your domain on posts / templates / files)”. I suppose that’d be the first thing to work on right?


This is the true nature of open source and any effort, in my opinion, is a positive step in the right direction. Especially compared to the project being stagnant. So don’t feel too much pressure! Questions are good here but the Dev Forum is another good resource/place to get more technical answers and also provide good reading material to other future developers :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


I’m not a wealthy man, so I’m afraid I can’t pay you, but you will certainly be my hero forever if you pull this off. I was very disappointed when @Shane disappeared all of a sudden. I think it’s an extremely important project to help people who are not “Nerd Ones” to start filling the new Internet with little bits of this and that. I’m not a developer, but I would gladly help you test the software, just like I was testing it a little bit for @Shane. I’m sure @JPL agrees.


Well I’ve just forked the project, and It’s new home is at:

Thanks for the pointer! I’ll be sure to hit 'em up when I’ve got an issue.

You’re absolutely right. Because things like Wordpress and Wix don’t translate to the new internet we’re going to need new tools. Building a dynamic SafeNet site from scratch is difficult because it requires a deep technical understanding and JavaScript Skills.

Awesome! I’ll be sure to hit you up for the next release!

Here’s to a new beginning! :tada:


Cheers and congrats on the fork!:fork_and_knife: :tada: :smiley:


RIght ON Man!!

Here’s to a smooth process!:rice_scene::fireworks::sparkler::confetti_ball::bamboo:


Where is this project at folks?

@Nerd1 @happybeing @Shane


Sadly @shane and @AndyAlban were abducted by aliens. Their exact whereabouts and the results of any probings remain unknown.


John, they are locked in my basement. I can’t believe you fell for the aliens thing.

PS I live on a boat. :roll_eyes:


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