Safe-CMS - Censorship is a thing of the past

With regards to the scope, I’m thinking less “broad” and more “anything you can upload and stick in a webpage”. So, sure, you could use it to upload an entire podcast - it would just be rendered using a native HTML5 audio tag, so there’s no problem there.

It likely won’t have an API (since it’s an executable you run on your own computer) but the NodeJS libraries I’m making for it (for interfacing with the SafeNet) are going to be open sourced.

In a years time once the platform supports compute, I would be open to talking about hosting APIs on the blogs and building that in but I’m wary of making promises this far out about unproven, unbuilt technology.

Even with this conversation, I’m really wary of scope creep and making promises I can’t guarantee I can keep. The best way to deliver a project, rather than nothing, tends to be sticking to the original plan. :stuck_out_tongue:


I promise I won’t hold you to anything :wink: but man would it be great to see. Can’t wait to see this open sourced, I think your contributions there will be a huge help to others. Do you have a donation address? Also a github link I could follow you on?

I don’t have a donation address - I don’t feel right with taking any cash from the community (especially before I’ve produced anything of value). I’ll likely take advantage of the AppDeveloper rewards and add a publicName to the app I release, but in terms of just taking donations I feel like that’s a conflict of interest.

I want to build this software because I think it’ll help people, the software libraries for engineers and the CMS for creatives, as soon as we involve money it becomes a transaction and I can’t call it a hobby. FOSS should be just that: free and open-source! :slight_smile:

I’ll post the github address in here in a few days when I first publish the SafeNet API library.


Just so I don’t forget them, not because I think you should seriously consider them, here are two things I’d like add to the features wish list:

  • comments (see the Maidsafe comments plugin)
  • import (for example to bring the content over from a WordPress blog via a WordPress export plugin)

I’m sure we can think of lots of useful extras, but I agree with Shane on getting to his first milestone and then thinking about these things).


@Shane I think that’s a very honorable stance and if I can’t donate monetarily let me at least (in advance) extend great admiration and appreciation to you and your work, from a Safe community members perspective.


Hello all!

Just an update on where this project is up to: unfortunately I don’t have any fancy design images for you this time.

The project requires a NodeJS module to talk to the SafeNet, there are bits and pieces here and there in the various @maidsafe packages but no single (and simple) interface. I’m in the process of building that now and we’re looking at around 6 more days until completion.

Above is an example of the new module in action, creating a “dns” entry in the _publicNames directory and then reading the new entry back - all in an asynchronous fashion. This takes what would have been around 30-40 (pretty complicated) lines of code and provides it through a single, simple interface.

Once I’ve achieved the same result with the other key pieces of functionality I’ll be publishing the module and continuing on with the CMS build. I don’t foresee this effecting the project timeline in any way - this work was always going to have to be done, and I actually seem to be ahead of my forecast.

In the next project update I will be posting the Github link to the new NodeJS package so you can all take advantage of it.


@Shane, You are awesome! Thanks for everything you are doing!


Geez, you make the ground shake when you move! Are you always this productive or were you just overtaken by inspiration? Whatever the case, full steam ahead hammer head! You’re already establishing yourself as one the Giants here. :+1:


Fantastic work @Shane :slight_smile:

Content publishing applications like this are going to be crucial for adoption at launch. The libraries you are also building out are also going to support the development of other projects on the network as well. Really exciting to have this evolving so quickly, thanks for the great work!

Looking forward to the friendly and collaborative coopetition between you and @happybeing with safepress


Thanks all for the support. Another quick update with another code example for the new library:

I’ve now managed to get the DNS services working with public names, the example below is code using the new library to create a new public name “shanetesting” and a service within that “www” which when combined would be accessible through safe://www.shanetesting in the safe browser.

Obviously, you would never actually write the code above (since it deals with multiple concerns in the same function) - it was just a simple way to show how it could be used in as little code as possible :slight_smile:

This is a great milestone and means I’ve got about 33% of the functionality I need to build complete. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and support so far.


You should be working for MAID! Unless you are already are?

I don’t think we’ll be competing. SAFEpress was my attempt to get a bunch of people together to develop a first CMS for SAFEnetwork (because I knew it was beyond me at the time, and probably still). So I’ll keep on ploughing my furrow and will definitely help Shane and others wanting to build apps when I can.

I have plenty on my plate right now of course - though it is very interesting to find that (Solid) work has lead me to port a simple blog (solid-plume) and also to be working on a similar API to Shane at the same time. It’s amazing timing, and I think a great boost to the whole project here.


@Shane, just came across ToastUI a WYSIWYG markdown editor with some neat extensions. Thought it might be of interest for Safe-CMS (and of course many other App dev projects here):

Powerful Extensions

CommonMark and GFM are great, but we often face requirements beyond the specifications. The TOAST UI Editor comes with powerful Extensions in compliance with the Markdown syntax, while also providing APIs so you can develop your own extensions.

Here are some of the extensions you can start with:

    Color picker: ColorPicker provides an easy way to color text with a GUI tool box
    Chart code block: A Code block marked as a 'chart' will render charts
    UML code block: A Code block marked as an 'uml' will render UML diagrams
    Table merge: You can merge columns and rows in tables



You know, I’m really split on this. On the one hand, it would be great to have native support for markdown. On the other hand, I’m wary that some users will find this layout confusing (despite the preview section on the right.) and my goal is to build a really user friendly tool.

I might implement both the current WYSIWYG and this one and give users a choice in the admin (with Markdown being a secondary option instead of the default) , it wouldn’t be much work to do this. I’ll queue it up for release 2.0.0.

Thanks for mentioning this!


Hey all,

I’m Andy, a software engineer working with Shane as a consultant. I’m going to be working with @Shane on this (and other Safenet) projects going forward and just thought I would introduce myself here.

Thanks for reading


@frabrunelle the post above by @AndyAlban was flagged - it’s a legitimate post, he’s going to be working with me on this project.

edit: nevermind, thank you to (I assume) @draw for resolving this. :slight_smile:


Seems good.

But why is there any cost for EDIT/DELETE?

SAFE is capable of mutable data

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Hi there! You’re quite right with regards to DELETE/EDIT requests - this post was originally made when I had a much lesser understanding of the SAFE network protocol - I’ll update it some time over the coming days.

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my understanding of mutable data in Safe tells me that :

  • the owner or anyone granted enough rights can edit / delete an entry in a mutable
  • as both edit or delete are a mutation, either do cost some puts.

So yes Safe is mutable capable, but it has a cost for the publisher / editor

Keep that iron glowing, a precious sword for words is about to see the light !


Please note that there is definitely a “PUT” cost to modify/append/add/delete MD data as @nice said