Safe-CMS - Censorship is a thing of the past

Hi @Shane,

Did i maybe miss the release and videos?

Excited to see the product!


@Shane hope all is ok with you?


Don’t mean to sound like I’m checking up or anything. Hope everything is OK shane? Looking forward to trying v1 out!


Dang, I am/was busting to see v1. Must be a bit happening that’s had them both tied up.

I remember seeing @Shane pop his head up a few days ago only very briefly and @AndyAlban hasn’t been around for a couple of weeks. None of my business but odd that the communication has pretty much ceased. Adding to the hoping it’s just life stuff and nothing bad :slight_smile:

(Dons tin foil hat) :alien: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


It is odd, and concerning, not to have any communication from either of them. :thinking:


Pure speculation, but I from the way things progressed with the SAFE-CMS, the next time we hear from @Shane they’ll be releasing the SAFE-CMS and Safe-Search, bringing content discovery to the SAFE network.

Maybe a little to hopeful on my part?


Maybe, does anyone know the Safe search repo? SAFE-CMS repo has been inactive recently. I hate to make too many assumptions but I do hope they are okay.


didn’t @Shane say they work as consultants or something like that … i would assume hell broke loose at some client they work for and they’re just super busy atm … or they got the flu or something else that needed their attention … i might need to disappear more or less suddenly for 2 weeks too soon … so a little bit strange but i wouldn’t worry too much yet Oo


Perhaps some web development firm saw the great work they did for SafeCMS and made them a job offer for major $$$ to work on something else for a little while at 100+hrs/week on location… or maybe Shane eloped and is on honeymoon in the Bahamas. Or maybe it’s just spring break/vacation. :wink:

I think it’s safe to assume that, wherever they are, there is no wifi. Shane and Andy spoiled us with all the real-time day to day communications. If only they had been less professional… then no one would have noticed the absence. :sweat_smile:


But interesting thing that @Shane was online near time ago and he didn’t comment anything…

SAFEcms is ground breaking. It’s got first mover advantage and has the potential to be the content management system for the new internet.

I would not be surprised if a large CMS organisation or company have noticed the opertunity on the new internet and have made them an attractive offer with a non disclosure agreement.

The man was such a professional and now I’m really disappointed. I also have a little theory regarding what may be going on. But making a promise and then disappearing without a word is just plain rude. Even if your mother died. Even if @Shane is dead or in a coma @AndyAlban could have scribbled down something like “Change of plans. Sorry.” That would have been enough for me.


Your saying pretty much what most have been thinking. None of it makes any sense.

Not so much Andy Alban doing the David Copperfield, but more Shane being seen every few days or so on the forum but not commenting/posting anywhere (or even liking the better written posts like he always did)…

Guess there’s little to no benefit suggesting anything though, I’m kinda hoping it’s just as Zoki or Sascha says as there aren’t really too many other explanations.

Just a little sad for Maidsafe actually, CMS was/is potentially a shining light for other developers hiding in the shadows.

Weren’t they slated to attend the Dev Con?


I believe so and perhaps they wanted to put their noses to the grindstone to have something great to showcase there (Safe search comes to mind). It will be live-streamed, it will get a lot of coverage, there will be a lot of people in attendance, and what better way to make a splash? Not to mention they probably have to work double duty in there regular jobs to prep to be gone for that kind of trip! The stuff they are doing here was in their spare time. I’m still hopefully ambitious for them. They’ve open sourced SAFE-CMS and honestly don’t owe us anything. Not to say that the potential of them moving on or not explaining things isn’t a personal let down but hey, they really delivered in short order and I think they may just surprise us all again. Let’s not get too fudy just yet.


I am more concerned for them than their project. I hope all is well and having done contracting work myself in the past I know there can be times I just have to work 18/7 and not enjoy personal projects.

Still just a post to say they are good would be nice but certainly not necessary


Hehe. Here comes the thing though. The moment any of them says “we’re alive and well”, the rest of us goes “Oh, what a relief! NOW about that release… Which Tuesday is it?”


Let’s just call it the Bermuda Triangle and move on :smile:


If I remember correctly, I think they were going to go to devcon. Maybe those are the spots that opened up. If they don’t have some secret plan to pop up there with a surprise reveal, and no show…then I’m definitely on the Bermuda Triangle bandwagon.

Yeah, they said they planned to show up. Pulling a Houdini might as well be a part of building up tension only to take everyone by storm face to face. Sounds pretty likely after all.

Great idea, all these new applications is inspiring to see.

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