As requested I’ve shared the SAFE CLI2GUI on Github. Please note it’s still in process of adding the custom fields. Many buttons that don’t have a text field next to them will work.

The API uses Nodejs to call the CLI using the commands. I believe this will only work on linux because the windows terminal is slightly different.

Requirements are Node & NPM to be installed (so you can do npm install for the node modules and run it).


THank you I ill enjoy exploring this.


From GitHub - DeusNexus/safe-gui: Graphical User Interface for the SafeNetwork CLI


-Only for linux (Ubuntu)



I installed npm and that pulled down a bunch of packages named node-something, but Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, doesn’t recognize any package named node.

Should the Readme be edited to show the exact command needed for the dependencies on Ubuntu? E.g.

apt-get install npm


I have added Card styling and option to show/hide and additional comment what the command is about.
Most of the text fields inputs are now working and there are also checker boxes for some commands that allow to enable testcoins, or show secret key in response.

Lots of refactoring and making pieces reusable and easier to read. When everything works I will attempt to create a Electron app out of it that can be used cross-platform without needing to install anything additionally!


Take a look at Tauri, it may be much easier than Electron.

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Wow! This looks really great - hope to be able to try it on next test net. :star_struck: