SAFE CLI - High Level Design Document

I have to say, I don’t think anyone is tied to PNS as the naming system name. But no alternative really stood out in that discussion (at least as I saw… there were many many ideas, but none really stood out / got folks behind them), so for now, we’re just rolling with RFC naming.

That’s still open to change though, so if folks are really feeling strong about it, I’d suggest hitting up the RFC. If we can get to a decent shortlist that’d already be a good step forwards.

@happybeing I’d agree with @bochaco. In general, we’re looking at developing a simpler API layer above the ‘low level’ stuff we’ve had. But if we’ve a files API working w/ RDF, and then align the current NFS api with this (to work with RDF as the underlying data store), I’m not sure how worthwhile having them both will be.


I beg to differ, there were some. But none as controversial as penis

Right, there were many. No one really seemed to garner support though (IMO).

But, as I say, @neo, more than happy for folk to continue the discussion in the RFC. Fire in with your shortlist and lets get the convo going again if folk are feeling strongly here :+1:

ONS - Open Naming System @draw, @neo
sns - safe naming system @jlpell
PNR - Public Name Resolution
PNRS - Public Name Resolution System
NNS - Network Naming System
PNNS - Public Network naming System
PDNS - Public Distributed Naming System
DDN - distributed domain naming @drehb
DRS - domain resolution system @drehb
DPIS - Distributed Public ID System - or DPIDS or DPS
SDNS - SAFE Decentralized Naming System
DPNS - Distributed Public Naming System

Can I point out that you even thought some were good. An Example and

EDIT: sorry saw too late your post wanting this elsewhere


You can. But I didn’t say I didn’t think any were good. I said no one stood out. :stuck_out_tongue:

And then the conversation seemed to go quiet on that front, and hasn’t been broached much since. So we’ve stayed with reflecting the current RFC.

Anywho if folk really can’t say PNS without thinking about penises, then I’m all for changing it. (Though, I have to say it never occurred to me, when writing the RFC, and I still don’t hear it the way I pronounce Pee En Ess.)

But so it goes.

Schoolyard thinking abounds it seems so let’s fire back in and get the shortlist you or anyone else presents whittled down :+1: to some alternative.

(I’ll reply to the list over in the dev forum)


First of all, this is awesome. So many things connecting and taking shape here. The power of this tool for regular and non-regular use cases is becoming very evident with this design document.
Very exciting.

I don’t have much to add at the moment. Was however thinking of an argument to encrypt and store private keys into the account (sub container key manager?) automatically when generating a pair. Seemed convenient to me.

About PNS, I think the pronunciation would be especially interesting in New Zealand, and thereabout, no? :thinking:
(‘S’ is more ‘iss’ than ‘ess’ there)



And elsewhere too it seems.

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Oh and btw, I think the discussion is funny and interesting because I have actually noticed, what I believe to be a phenomenon anyways, for technically or bureaucratically nerdy guys to come up with names that have unfortunate double meanings. But it is so obvious to them that it has no relation, that it is just silly and mundane to suggest. Waved off with a sigh or scoff and rolling eyes :smile:

But most people are really really mundane. Sex is a BIG part of most people’s brain activity. So, the association just happens.
It’s not important really, just low hanging fruit of aesthetics.
Work with the brains of everyday people, not against it :slight_smile:

PS. I consider myself a rather technical nerd :smile:


There’s another one :smile:

What does PNS stand for anyway? Public Name Service?


I personally liked

SNS - SAFE Naming Service (or System)

But I think Josh pointed out that acronym is used somewhere in SOLID.

PNS has a more obvious double sexual meaning. I didn’t see this before it was mentioned on the forum, but after that it is difficult to ‘unsee’ it.
On the other hand some people don’t need much to see a double meaning in something.


Yeh, it’s my fav too. But aye, Solid were all over it last I checked. :frowning:


The service/system word seems superfluous - everything is a system or a service. How about just using PN or possibly SPN (SAFE Public Name)?

I think we need to be able to differentiate between a public name and the naming system. So PN for for example, would be confusing.

How about NS - naming service?

Fine by me although it may invite the dreaded SNS as an abbreviation for SAFE Naming Service!

How about ANS? A New Naming System. Wait, sounds like anus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Only joking obviously. VNS Verifiable Naming Service. I don’t know stretching at this point.

I still like DNS just having it stand for Decentralized Naming System.


For those who are not aware of the thread, and want to jump in trying to get another name for the DNS/PNS:


And poll here


oh noes this sounds like Venus