SAFE classifieds section for this community please :)

So basically I think we have a fair few users here now and it’s at the point a classifieds site would have enough users to work well.

It could be added as a section to this forum or someone could build it elsewhere and then naturally move it to the SAFE network later on.

A classifieds site or section would be pretty kick ass because it means we can support users of SAFE.

I for example was looking for someone to do some web development for me and I would prefer to deal with someone from this community and maybe even pay them in safe coins.


What does a ‘classifieds site’ mean?

Let me Google that for you…


Basically think of Craigslist, Gumtree, YellowPages etc

Everybody can Google everything but it would make following all the threads on the forum difficult if everybody has to Google everything before understanding what you’re talking about.

But back to the subject:

I think it’s a good idea (and good timing) to have this on the forum or anywhere else, I also believe @dyamanaka had the same kind of proposal a few moths ago but I can’t seem to find where it is.


I’ll take what I can get :wink: and like my good pal Jacque Fresco always says ‘no one ever invented nuthin, you only ever discover stuff and it doesn’t make anyone smarter than anyone else’ or something like that.

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this is an AWESOME idea.

And all the mods have to do is add another Category called “Classifieds!”

Would be great for people with coding (App!:slight_smile: ) projects, or also who want to buy SafeCoin directly from others without all the hassle. I’ve personally gained a few customers this way, through PM’s on this forum. So this Classifieds category is much needed!!

Never thought of it, but it’s so easy! Thanks for the idea! It’s great :slight_smile:


Yep. Super simple and there is no reason it couldn’t start to happen immediately.

The only thing I would stress is cautionary notices be added and for everyone to BOLO (Be On Look Out at all times) for scammers, spammers and the likes.

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I don’t think it is a straightforward as that. I’d like to see pros and cons discussed amongst the community first, and from that significant support for it before it is added.

This thread hasn’t gained much support at this point so I am cautious, because while it would be easy to add the category, it might produce an inordinate amount of work for moderators compared to the benefits (when there are other places available to do this), and we need to be mindful of priorities when our workload is likely to be rising greatly soon.

There is no reason such a place can’t be set up separately and moderated by the owner, but obviously there is unlikely to be demand for it outside the community - so not ideal.

An alternative would be to create such a site and host it on SAFEnetwork. That would get great exposure amongst the community, and be a nice potentially very valuable project for someone, and a great help in creating good useful content in the fledgling network. Win win win! :smile:

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The fastest way to grow a community is to allow it to grow.

What is there to lose?

What is there to gain?

If you think everything needs to be discussed and debated and are going to delay the opportunity for growth then you must have a tough job.

Not all people talk, some people just like to do things so wouldn’t it be smarter to just create that part of the forum as a trial and see who takes to it and who doesn’t?

Because at the end of the day you can discuss these things until the cows come home and still not gauge an ideas value until it is implemented and if your going by discussion in this very forum post to gauge interest alone you yourself know that is not a fair system.

Meh~ whatever, do what you like, almighty mod.

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Yeah Cmon guys what harm can adding a category do

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Some good points for discussion being made here…which would seem to demonstrate that an “Advertising” page, may bring with it, further issues that may not have been considered - it may not be straight forward and does, I think, need further community discussion. The alternative suggestion to “suck it and see” is not the first step - discussing possible issues and problems that could arise would be in my view - as with any other change that could affect the forum user experience.

This is the question that needs discussing, prior to sucking and seeing I think. I’m in agreement with @happybeing here, though I think essentially this is a community decision, rather than a modding one. Not sure how it works now, but originally the off-topic section was intended to be un-moderated to a large degree - putting the section there would not impact modding resources…and even if it did, another person could be found to mod it - I’m sure @Warren would love to mod such an Advertising section for example…
Just thinking about it, the off-topic section itself came about after me railing for ages about all kinds of topics promoting pseudo-science, Religion, Quackery etc were permeating the forum. I think I suggested something like a “Bollocks and Bullshit” section…what harm could it do? It needed discussion first, before implementing.
I’m also not a fan of mods changing things without community discussion either - for all the same reasons…there may be un-considered consequences. If it’s an important issue, then the arguments should be made prominently (like a banner thing) then voted on by community I think.
PS…How do you do them smiley faces again.been ages and I forgot again!
Just a top of the head idea, but if this is just mainly about “marrying” devs to funders etc, could a coloured dot or something just be added to profile to indicate to others roughly what they are looking for? This way at least some kind of “reputation system” would be involved and matches/groups could evolve naturally by PM. This avoids the potential Spam issue.


Gee you must be a whole bunch of fun at parties

Lol…well I certainly don’t adopt your “suck it and see” philosophy at them…party boy…lol
Look what happens - my first comment in months…lol


What on Earth are you rambling about?

I thought we were both expressing our sincere belief that each other would be great fun at parties (in our own very different ways), based on what we’d both said here?..No?


Yeah OK…

So do you want a classifieds section yes or no?

If in off-topic section and not moderated with clear warnings about clicking on links etc…then maybe…not entirely sure. My main concern would be spamming and scamming of community members/;forum. If this could be addressed somehow then I’d warm to it, but in the main I’d say I was against it, - certainly against implementing it without exploring possible issues first.
My feeling at the moment is that the forum is functioning and being moderated effectively at present (it wasn’t previously) - it’s not that broken at present and I’d worry about introducing something “into the mix” that could upset the apple-cart.

If we can’t develop reputation amongst ourselves then how can we develop reputation among an anonymous global network? Among this community there seems to be a modicum of decent behavior, community spirit and trust. So it seems reasonable that it’s a good place to start to develop a classified section. But what about scammers and spammers. I would imagine that spamming would be against forum guidelines period regardless of what section of the forum it was found on and they’d be banned regardless. As for scamming not only would this negetively affect one’s standing within the classifieds but also with the community in general because if you’re a scammer your word has now become suspect. If a scammer was found on the classified section, assuming such a thing could be verified, then I’d suspect if he wasn’t outright banned by the mods then he’d be ostrocized by the community.

And really what are we talking about here. We’re talking about a section of the forum to post “I’m looking for x to help me in y project who may or may not be paid z.”

I hear you and recognise that such a thing would be desirable and useful - it’s just a question of how best to achieve this goal safely and discuss any possible issues. Is the “advertising” bit even the end goal - is that not just one path to follow to achieve the real end goal of safely “marrying” interested parties up? Dunno…just asking if there may be alternative ways to achieve goals.
For example:

…this necessitates moderation - an issue to address.

Wouldn’t this be shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? Being “ostracized from community” and “banned” would also not really be big dis-incentives really.
Are you suggesting adverts can only be placed by community members of some “standing” or all comers etc? I’m just saying either choice leads to further issues the deeper you go.
How about posing the question another way - what is wrong with just attaching some kind of “tag” of interest to community members who would otherwise “advertise”? People could research the member reputation/posts/history etc and decide for themselves whether they would like to PM about things.
This way would create an environment in which the real goal could be reached…as I see it anyway
Edit : Could you not just "advertise on your profile?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

We want to build a global decentralized Internet but are super fussy when it comes to a simple classifieds listing page and acting as if we are discussing illegal porn or something.

Lets get over ourselves and move along with it shall we.