Safe Chat - Friday April 30 at 7 PM GMT

The next Safe Chat will occur on Friday April 30 at 7 PM GMT! If you’ve participated in testing out Fleming, we really want to hear from you too! :smile:

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the chat -

We’ll be covering:

  • Output from quantitative research into the Safe Network’s target groups
  • Experiences with the Fleming Testnets
  • Discussion - Positioning the Safe Network for a successful launch
  • Off the record chit chat

On Friday, this post will be updated with a link to the chat. The majority of people tend to be available around this time on Fridays. However, the session will be recorded in case you aren’t able to join live.

We hope to see you on Friday! :smile:



I’ve updated the OP with a link to the chat, which will take place on Jitsi :smile:


Where are you folks?

We’re here and ignoring this GMT stuffs

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I think you’re an hour early.


We are.

THe local chickens are noisy.

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We’re just hanging out. Confused BST / GMT :smile:

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Can you watch the stream without joining it? :crazy_face:

Is there a different link for that?

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I don’t think so, but you don’t have to turn on your camera and you can mute yourself.

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Thanks again for organizing this, @Sotros25!