Safe Chat — Friday 26th February, 9PM GMT

Every few weeks forum members have been meeting to delve in to the community marketing strategy and other topics relevant to Safe. (Thanks @Sotros25, @m3data, @piluso).

We’d like to open this up to anyone who’d like to join in the discussion, this Friday 26th February, 9PM GMT.

The first 45 min of the meeting will be about the community marketing strategy. After that, we’ll open up the floor for broader discussion all things Safe Network. It’s a fun time!

Please be aware that this call will be recorded, streamed, and re-broadcast, so those whos schedules or timezones don’t quite work, won’t miss out.

If you’d like to join, drop a message below.

Meeting link here:


May make sense to post this in the ongoing Now Hosting: Safe Chats thread


Wanted to reference it in the dev update tomorrow, and didn’t want it to get buried in the thread you see… should we just keep it all contained in that thread then, and you perhaps update the title or first post to reflect the upcoming meeting, and the link for it?

EDIT: Scratch that, I’ll just drop a post in there.


Can’t quite promise I’ll make it, but I’d certainly like to try!


Fabulous. I’ll try to make it but look forward to the rebroadcast if I can’t.


I’d love an invite.

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I’d love an invitation, but I’m not sure I’ll be awake when the meeting takes place. It’s the middle of the night here.

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I’d like an invite. What platform is being used for chat? edit: Jitsi I guess? Don’t know that one, will have a look for it.

Couple of thoughts from the video from last time. Thought I’d put them here where they can be ignored, rather than taking up time tomorrow!

The two main questions seem to be:

  • How can we succinctly sum up the benefits of the network?


  • What can we offer people in terms of a product (and how can we make that product asap?

I feel like we all naturally try to answer the first question by looking at the second one.

However, I think it’s easier to think about the first question in terms of branding, which can to a large extent be detached from products and specifics, and in the case of Safe, any branding hyperbole is entirely justified anyway.

I was thinking then of why Tesla is so successful as a brand, and really it’s just because people have a vague sense that it represents ‘the future.’ And so does Safe (certainly much more so than anything blockchain based!)


Even people who are okay with the current version still have a sense it’s getting a bit creaky, a bit tattered round the edges.

So now we’ve got that sorted (joke!) the question is:

  • What can we offer people right now?

My answer to that would be a narrative, which invites the obvious response:

  • How and where can we convey that narrative?

Which is the difficult part of marketing I suppose!

People have mentioned good consistent branding, and I thought @Sotros25’s point about connections was an important one, and @JimCollinson’s about speaking to different groups in their own ‘language’ as well.

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What exactly are you marketing if there is no finished product as of yet? I mean for most people they want a piece of software they can download and use. It’s only us nerds and fanatics that are interested in the theoretical development stuff. Your average Joe will ask “Well where’s the download link? Not ready yet? Okay call me back when it is.” Just saying that’s generally the public perception when one tries to sell the safe network. I mean there’s a lot of excitement about the concept of a decentralized internet but practically speaking it’s like calling someone and being put on hold for a couple years.

And unless I’m getting the calculationgs wrong 9am GMT is like 11pm my local time. I may be up and then again I may not…

You miss 99% of the people in the crypto - speculators. There are millions and millions of people who would speculate on an equal footing with us, and some percentage of them will not only speculate but also contribute with real help to the project. :dragon:

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Fair enough but marketing to crypto investors is more like advertising SAFE’s potential worth to investment backers than SAFE as a product to those who would actually use it. It’s like talking about marketing in terms of the stock market as opposed to trying to pitch a product to potential customers.

Let the Lord of chaos rule - we just don’t know what little effort will tip the scales in Safe’s favor. Any action at this stage is better than just talking. :love:

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Every campaign is done both before, during and after.
Let me bring a tangible example that everyone would have experienced, think about movies.
Whenever you get hyped after watching a teaser, the actual movie is still in the cutting-room and in post-production.
Have you ever experienced that you thought you saw a scene in the teaser that wasn’t included in the movie? Well, that’s why.
Also, you will not see a release date on teasers either.

On the other hand, when you get a trailer the movie is almost ready, and they will include an actual release day.

If movies were promoted only in the moment they had the final cut, they would have wasted lots of time as building awareness is not an instantaneous thing.
You want to make people smell the food before it is ready so they can be lined up at the counter when the bread is just coming out the oven.

The same with software or any other product, it is key to raise awareness about the project regardless of the status of the development for its success.


Making a tantalizing teaser for a movie isn’t that hard for the seasoned pro’s but translating that visual excitement into the makings of a network is a whole nother ballgame. Kind of dull for the masses compared to a movie. Need to think of creative ways to jazz up the presentations. Thought-provoking but not misleading, visually impressive but not overkill, anticipatory but not falsely promising. Gonna be tough. @Sotros25, @piluso and others have shown the enthusiasm and professionalism needed though so very interested to see the development of the marketing angles.

Another thing to keep in mind: A movie is fiction (generally), Safe Network definitely is not.


You are missing the point and taking the example too literally.
The point I was trying to make is that marketing is very important even if the product isn’t finished and way before release. Several aspects of marketing are involved at product planning, throughout product development, at launch, during the sales, after the sales and during support.

Without the pre-launch campaign, you would get an empty aisles at the grand opening of a new store or near empty seats at the avant-premier of a movie.

But now that you mentioned making video teasers for the promotion of this network, I think it could be done.


So we’re not running “test nets” we’re running “teased nets” “tease nets”? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Better than test net at least, right?


Ok, I vote for a robot rover chase on Mars.


and the rover saves the day by phoning home via Safe.