Safe Chamber of Commerce?

I’m just wondering if it would be an idea to create a Safe Network Chamber of Commerce of sorts. Not thought too deeply about it, but just thought it could help facilitate an International trading Network.
My thinking is that we have Community members from many different countries, with many different goods produced in one place, which would sell well in another.
A common issue when sourcing suppliers from abroad is trust/reputation – maybe we could help each other here and use “smart contracts” etc. I’m thinking of a fair trade type of thing.
One idea could be to “seed” the use of Safecoin as a medium of exchange by people buying stock in dollars etc and selling in Safecoin small scale to start?
If we could also span the whole manufacturing production process, from raw material to finished product, then we could also maybe adapt Adam Smith’s “Real Bills Doctrine”.as an economic model - utilising Safex or similar…
We talk about all the financial and economic benefits tech like Safe will bring – shouldn’t we start to make some steps towards utilising them to the Communty’s mutual benefit?
Anyway, just thought might be worth discussing – as I said, I’ve not really thought about it too much. :smile:


No bro please NOOOOOOOH. a Chamber of commerce is just nonsense IMHO. Silkroad is proof that people can just sell&buy stuff from each other without nonsense like a chamber of commerce.

Services like are super useful and the things that we should think about when we do business with each other. The only thing that a chamber of commerce proofs is that you paid money to be mentioned on a website. The end result is that other people will have to pay money to read what they mentioned about you on that website, this is Fu$^$A^A&S (censored language).

Let’s just stick to things that don’t unnecessarily cost money and let’s be p2p (direct) to each other. The middle man gets the middle finger, that’s just how I feel about this type of matter. Let’s not repeat or replicate the old world we’ve been indoctrinated to…


Lol…I did say “of sorts” - why does it have to involve all the negatives you mention?[quote=“19eddyjohn75, post:2, topic:6528”]
The middle man gets the middle finger, that’s just how I feel about this type of matter. Let’s not repeat or replicate the old world we’ve been indoctrinated to…
Come on now Eddy, do you think I would suggest such a thing… :smile:
No middle men, no payments…just reputation.
Are you that indoctrinated in the Old World paradigm, that you can’t see it working in a different way?…just kidding… :smile:

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Reputation is just a breadcrumb of your past transactions. Unfortunately they don’t say anything about your future transactions, but this can be ensured with escrow. The question is what does the breadcrumb reveal? Amount of SAFEcoin transacted/who was involved/date/time/item, because just “transaction successful doesn’t say much”. I wonder is SAFEcoins can even be registered by anything.

Reputation is not really a problem, I think because if you got things like escrow (In the future drone that deliver products to homes/gps location, if you sign for the product, your SAFEcoins is released). you can prevent people who want to act funny. What I remember from the talk was that reputation = brand = good quality (yeah this was about drugs), but it can also apply to other products.

But these topic are important to talk about :slight_smile:

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I think you both have good points, and both options can operate to some degree.

The difference is that only now will we be able to have true anonymity. So pseudo-anonomity starts to mean something. At the same time that the necessity to have a reputational platform is diminished due to other systems being possible, reputation will gain a new sort of value. Really interested in seeing how these dynamics play out.

Here’s an interesting, short interview segment with Andreas Antonopolous which, as always, gives some really great insights.

But I think that as reputation becomes optional it will, as I say, take on a different, but powerful, value.


I agree with @fergish, it’s an open question how these needs can be addressed. I think the metacurrency / Ceptr project fits in this area too. If I understood it better, I might even say it’s a better approach ;-), but I don’t do I won’t. :

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