SAFE Browser v0.9.0 - Release

A new release (v0.9.0) of our SAFE Browser (not Peruse, but our Beaker Browser) compatible with the Alpha 2 network has now been published.

The main goal of this release is to upgrade Electron to v1.7.11 which solves a recently reported remote code execution vulnerability (on Windows only) for Electron applications implementing custom protocol handlers like in the case of our browser app (more details can be found here).

We also applied the same set of changes, enhancements and fixes made to the DOM API in Peruse during the last few weeks (recently delivered with Peruse v0.4.1). Thus this new version is fully compatible with previous versions of the example apps, as well as with any web app that is compatible with Beaker Browser v0.8.x and Peruse v0.4.1.

The documentation for the DOM API has been also updated accordingly:


  • Upgrade beaker-plugin-safe-app to v0.4.5
  • Upgrade beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator to v0.4.3
  • Expose safe-node-app helper constants in DOM API at window.safeApp.CONSTANTS
  • Support providing additional options to webFetch function, e.g. range of bytes
  • Generate a handle for each sign key returned by the listPermissionSets DOM API function


Download SAFE Browser v0.9.0 on GitHub


If you need help with anything related to SAFE Browser, Web Hosting Manager or SAFE Mail Tutorial applications, please use the #support category of this forum.

For more technical questions (e.g. about the SAFE APIs), please use the #support category of the SAFE Dev Forum.

Where should I report issues?

If you know which component a bug is associated with, feel free to report it on GitHub in the corresponding repo.

Report issues with SAFE Browser
Report issues with SAFE Authenticator
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For more information on the Alpha 2 network, see the Alpha 2 topic.