SAFE Browser v0.7.0 - Release

That’s a datapoint, but others have reported the same issue as I have. I have also isolated some of the sub-directories that are causing the issue.

I saw your earlier post but that is problem with archiver software which is solved in new beta.

I do not agree. Zip files are not something that people should need to update to beta level software in order to open. This is a standard that has been with us for over two decades. I consider any zip file that doesn’t work with mainstream non-beta unzip programs to be in need of tweeking. Do you really want to have this conversation for the next 3 years, as people without beta level unzippers fail to unzip the files? There are empty files in the same directories as folders of the same name. Why not fix that? All previous zip files for previous revision SAFE browsers unzipped fine. Something has changed.


I did my homework, you got good point. It surly has to be fixed. Sorry for such a hasty conclusion.

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How can I get an invite code?

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You need to spend a bit more time on the til you reach Trust Level 1 (Basic). Once you are Trust Level 1 go here


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