SAFE Browser v0.7.0 - Release


This sums it up


I have just done more testing with 7Zip. I usually just try to unzip the whole thing of course, but now I am trying little pieces at a time to see where the problem lies.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I quit when I felt I found the issue.
7Zip locks up hard when I try to unzip the following directories\safe-browser-v0.7.0-win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\@maidsafe\safe-browser-v0.7.0-win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\ambi\safe-browser-v0.7.0-win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\asn1\safe-browser-v0.7.0-win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\brace-expansion\safe-browser-v0.7.0-win-x64\resources\app\node_modules\camelcase-keys

What you will notice when you go into these directories is that they contain an empty file that has the same name as a subdirectory. So 7Zip is trying to unpack a folder and an empty file with the same name, in the same place, and locking up hard. (Have to close it with task manager)


Whenever I make a bookmark in SAFEbrowser its never there when I log back in with the same account details. Is this a known bug?


You’d need to save the browser’s state into your account with File -> Save Browser State (Ctrl + S) before you log out or close the browser. Are you doing this already?


No. I’ll give it ago. Cheers!

ps. Is it hard to make it work like a normal browser in this regards because of the network?


I don’t think it would be hard to add such a behaviour at all, but I would say there are other things that will need to be considered beforehand. E.g. that would/could consume PUTs, thus you would need to provide ways to allow the user to decide/configure when it should be automatically done and when not; or how many PUTs the user wants to allow to be spent in saving the browser state, etc.
As a gral. comment, there are many things which are technically possible and simple to implement but they bring some other type of complexities or additional considerations.


Thanks for the great answer! It really helps clarify the complexity in building the SAFEnetwork compared to the standard net. I forgot it would take PUTs.

Thanks for your hard work bochaco. It’s great what you’re doing :slight_smile:


Can we have 0.7 in the Debian repository, please?

Project Decorum - Wallet Release

There’s no packaging problem. I extracted it with my 7-Zip 17.01 beta (x64) and it work like a charm.


Well it is a problem - but one that the 7-Zip beta seems to have solved (just tried it myself and it worked). It still occurs with the latest stable 7-Zip release though (16.04).


I hope can use it without invitation code, because i’m not following this forum at longtime…


You will need an invitation code, but that shouldn’t be a problem as you are Trust Level 1 (Basic). Just go here update your IP and copy the invite code, run SAFE Browser and paste in the invite code when you create an account.


That’s a datapoint, but others have reported the same issue as I have. I have also isolated some of the sub-directories that are causing the issue.


I saw your earlier post but that is problem with archiver software which is solved in new beta.


I do not agree. Zip files are not something that people should need to update to beta level software in order to open. This is a standard that has been with us for over two decades. I consider any zip file that doesn’t work with mainstream non-beta unzip programs to be in need of tweeking. Do you really want to have this conversation for the next 3 years, as people without beta level unzippers fail to unzip the files? There are empty files in the same directories as folders of the same name. Why not fix that? All previous zip files for previous revision SAFE browsers unzipped fine. Something has changed.


I did my homework, you got good point. It surly has to be fixed. Sorry for such a hasty conclusion.


How can I get an invite code?


You need to spend a bit more time on the til you reach Trust Level 1 (Basic). Once you are Trust Level 1 go here

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